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Labor Descriptions

Commons Clean (CC) (1.5 hours)

  • Put away folding chairs and any other items left out.
  • Sweep entire commons and kitchen including library room, pantry, office, computer lab, hallways all rooms and areas inside commons & kitchen space, excluding only the bathroom
  • clean and shop-vacuum under sofa cushions & sofa cushions (ask Labor Czar or Maintenance for access to shop-vacuums)
  • Mop entire commons, common hallways, computer lab room, office, pantry room, library room & kitchen space, excluding only the bathroom
  • Straighten and dust/wipe/clean the bookshelves
  • Put away any items left out on the large table and computer desks
  • Clean any messes or spills
  • Straighten the bookshelves
  • Straighten-up & clean Computer Lab
  • Empty trash cans in the computer lab and pantry
  • Clean microwave
  • Generally make sure everything’s looking tidy
  • Must be done by 4am

[HM 4-12-15] [HM 6-21-15]

Store Leftovers (0.5 hours):

  • properly store leftovers within 2 hours of meal being served
  • label and date leftovers
  • If DCU labor is finished before store leftovers labor, clean the pot, pan, oven tray, plate, etc. in which the meal was served

Laundry Room Clean (1 hour)

  • Take out laundry room trash, hose-out and deep
  • clean laundry room trash reciprocal if necessary
  • Sweep and very rarely (in the case of a soap spill for instance) mop.
  • Scrub/ wipe-off/remove soap/detergent spills from floor
  • Throw away any trash, empty containers, etc. that might be left on the machines or on the shelf.
  • Wipe down the machines with disinfectant.
  • Clean and wipe-off all accessible surfaces of washers & dryers (note: there's generally excess soap/detergent drips and stains dripping from washer doors and atop washers)
  • If there is any graffiti, attempt to get it off with soap and water. If not possible report to labor czar.
  • Clear soap trays with vinegar.
  • Regularly clean out the lint trap / exterior dryer vent
  • Clean-up behind and sides of washers & dryers as best as possible
  • Clean/wipe/scrub marks, scuffs & stains off walls
  • Wipe-off/clean/dust shelves in laundry room
  • Beat, hose-off & clean laundry room rugs/ floor mats when needed
  • Shop-vac dusty, dirty areas that are hard to reach with regular cleaning methods
  • Hose-off and scrub laundry room surfaces, such as wall and floor
  • Once a month run the washers empty on the hot water setting. Add a cup of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser. And add 1/2 cup of baking soda inside the drum before you press start.
  • ALWAYS wipe out the gasket (top to bottom) to remove any water and moisture. This is the main area that will get mildewy first. Gently pull the gasket towards you to give full access. Run the rag around the inside of the gasket. Wipe especially well around the drain holes at the bottom.
  • Be sure to put up a “Caution Floor Wet” sign if leave floor wet

[HM 4-19-15] [HM 2-7-16]

Dinner Cook (1.5 hours per dish)

  • Prepare one or more dishes that serves 8-10 people.
  • When in doubt make extra!
  • If at all possible communicate with your fellow dinner cook to ensure a balanced meal.
  • List ingredients on a label with a date next to or on the dish. See the House Manual for labeling guidelines.

Dinner cooks must label their dishes with the following information: 1)Their names 2) Any information relevant to member dietary restrictions. The following abbreviations are acceptable:

  • * M (Meat-based dish)
  • * VGT (Vegetarian dish)
  • * VGN (Vegan dish)
  • * GF (Gluten-free dish)
  • * DF (Dairy-free dish)
  • Any ingredients which appear on the list of food allergens, which is maintained by the Kitchen Manager, must also be specifically listed
  • ​Dinner starts at 7:30pm, except on Sundays it starts at 6:30pm​ (Serve on time!)

[HM 5-24-15]

Fridge Clean (1 hour)

  • Remove and throw away rotten, spoiled, or otherwise not-fresh food or condiments from any of the three refrigerators or the freezers. If it is questionable and/or not dated, throw it out!
  • Clean any dishes freed up by throwing out food.
  • Clean any spilled food or liquids.
  • Reorganize items in the freezer if necessary.

Courtyard Clean (1 hour)

  • Clean up any toys or obstructions which could trip people.
  • Put away any cooperative property (e.g, tools, coolers, ladders, gardening utensils, dishware.
  • Clean up large spills or messes.
  • Sweep the courtyard (note: area around laundry room gets extra dirty)
  • Clean and sweep breezeway area
  • Empty courtyard recycle bins, hose-out & deep clean recycle bins if necessary
  • Clean and sweep under stairways (especially the North Stairwell) and stairs
  • Wipe down/clean outdoor picnic table
  • Clean/wipe/scrub marks, scuffs & stains off walls
  • Empty cigarette butt reciprocals, deep clean reciprocals if necessary
  • Wipe down/ clean benches
  • Sweep upstairs walk-ways and downstairs sidewalks
  • Sweep/Clean under wheelchair ramps leading into commons, hose down and scrub clean wheelchair ramps if needed
  • Clean/maintain outdoor grill and grill area
  • Must be done by 4am

Trash Patrol (30 minutes)

  • Take out trash from courtyard and breezeway trash cans.
  • Pick up trash in parking lot and courtyard.
  • Empty the recycling bins outside the commons, hose down if necessary

106 Bathroom Clean (1 hour)

  • Dispose of trash and empty trashcan
  • Clean toilet bowl and all toilet surfaces
  • Make sure toilet paper is bountiful, notifying food buyer if supply is low
  • Wipe down and clean sink and counter tops
  • Clean &’ Windex’ mirror
  • Clean and wipe-down interior and exterior of bathroom cabinets & drawers when needed
  • Organize contents in bathroom cupboards & drawers when needed
  • Sweep and mop floor including area behind toilet
  • Scrub and clean bathtub when needed
  • Refill/restock hand soap by sink, notify food-buyer if supply running low
  • Clean-off/scrub clean wood trim boards
  • Scrub clean/remove marks off bathroom walls and door when needed

Dinner Cleanup (DCU) (1.5 hours)

  • Put away leftovers. Date them and write name of dish on outside as well as if it is vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free, if you know
  • Food leftovers must be put up within two hours after dinner is served
  • Do dishes, including any leftover cooks' dishes
  • Wipe down counters, stove top and fold-out table
  • Wipe down large dining tables
  • Wipe down round table
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Put away any other ingredients, condiments, appliances, etc. left out on counters or table
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • Must be done by 4am

[HM 6-21-15]

Wiki Maintainer (1 hour)

  • Appointed by the Tech Officer
  • Update the House Manual, Officer Descriptions, Labor Descriptions and any other important information regarding house policy on the house wiki with changes resulting from house decisions.
  • Maintain a physical copy of the House Manual, Officer Descriptions, Labor Descriptions and any other important information regarding house policy that is publicly available in the commons.
  • Bring changes to documents regarding house policy before the house for ratification.
  • Find and post missing meeting minutes to the wiki when necessary and possible.
  • Offer interpretations and clarification regarding house policy when needed.
  • Can be asked by the house to step down from the position via an agenda item at a house meeting.

[HM 3-15-15]

House Meeting Facilitation (30 minutes)

  • Conduct the House Meeting according to House Policy.
  • Inform anyone present for Membership Acceptance of the Associate Program.

[HM 5-17-15][HM 7-19-15]

Meeting Minutes Taker (1 hour)

  • Record meeting minutes every other week (meetings being time-boxed to two hours).
  • (Auto-)save minutes to a local disk while taking them: Do not use applications that depend on the presence of an Internet connection (Google Docs, Evernote, etc.).
  • Email minutes to the mailing list and post them to the wiki within 48 hours of a house meeting's conclusion.

[HM 8-27-17]

Other Labor

  • Kids Program (1-2 hours)
  • Flex Clean / Cook (1-4 hours)
  • KAF / KAF coordination (1-2 hours)
  • Pantry Clean (1 hour)
  • Towel Clean (1 hour)
  • Yoga Class (1 hour)
  • Contractor Coordinator (2 hours)
  • Maintenance Labor (1-4 hours)
  • Groundskeeper Labor (1-4 hours)

[HM 4-19-15]

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