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Joining La Reunion requires attending two house meetings beforehand. Membership meetings happen on Sundays at 7 pm, with dinner starting at 6:30 pm. Attending dinner beforehand is highly encouraged to meet our members and ask questions about what life in our community is like.

In these pandemic times, we are having meetings outside, with masks and social distancing. You are welcome to come by, and you're also welcome to call in remotely.

To dial into the meeting, you can use the Jitsi Meet phone app (room = “lareunioncoop”), or just call into:
There's a PIN to get in:

At your second application meeting all non-members will be asked to leave the room while current members are given the opportunity to discuss reasons to deny membership. The only reasons that can be taken into account are compelling evidence of prior evictable behavior including prior evictions themselves, nonpayment of rent, abusive behavior, or disturbing other people's right to quiet enjoyment. We do not and will not vote on whether we think you're cool, funny, similar to us in beliefs, etc. After you pass that usually quick check, you'll be on the list of prospective members and can sign a contract to become a member.

Rent is $1016/month for a whole unit or $508/month for a single bedroom. Prepared meals are provided most days a week, and are covered by your rent. Rent includes all utilities other than electricity. For more information you can always e-mail

Associate Program

Associate members must go through the standard membership acceptance process, and may be denied membership only for the reasons outlined as acceptable for denial of prospective resident members. Unlike resident members, associate members may contract for membership on a month-to-month basis.

Associate members may not spend the night in common areas except under extenuating circumstances, such as sickness or inclement weather. They may not store items in common areas without approval of the house. Otherwise, associate members have the rights of resident members except where outlined below [HM 5-19-13].

Associate members are obligated to do one hour of labor a week. These members have access to the courtyard, garden space, grounds, can run for coordinator positions, and are entitled to full participation at all meetings including a vote. [HM 8-2-15] [HM 5-19-13][HM 3-23-14]

On the 21st of the month, Associates with an outstanding balance of over $100 shall have their Associate Membership Contract terminated [HM 8-2-15].

Associates are not obligated to participate in Labor Holiday. Any work done by an associate for Labor Holiday will be logged as surplus hours. [HM 11-26-17].

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