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It's Hot As $%!# So Let's Have A Party!

It's hot as $%!#, so let's have a party! On August 24th, La Reunion Cooperative will be having an awesome party that is sure to melt the face off of your Saturday night! Lounge in our botanical gardens, or indulge in our cool air-conditioning. Enjoy the delicate melodies that will boom from Claude's apartment. If you do not come to this party, you are likely a square and we didn't want you anyway. Costumes encouraged! Blame them on heat insanity.

It's the end of our first summer as a community. Let's end this season with a bang!

Will Have:

Potluck BYOB drinks Face Painting Music Fun

Want To Have:

Snow Cones Party Games Water Games

Please contact Jess Hay if you can provide any of the “want to have” items. This event is open to members of La Reunion Cooperative as well as members of the surrounding community and other cooperatives.

August 24th, 6 to 10 pm

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