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July 21, 2019

Present: Nolan, Serene, Richard ( Facilitator ), Paul, Russ, Karen, Christian (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Wanda (First Meeting, no pets, no pet or food allergies)

Phillip McCain Jr (second meeting, no pets) accepted as prospective member

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates

No Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Approve Dave's eviction hold-off agreement.


New business

Member review of Cory for throwing away an enormous quantity of food, then lying about when he threw it out. His misuse of the rules was clearly intended to harm co-op members.

Poi: there had been an email to inform people weeks ago with no response

Poi: there were multiple warnings that were given that we have someone with an allergy to bananas

Poi: Cory did know about this for two weeks without informing the house

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