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April 26, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Richard (facilitator), Burgess, Sam, Delia, Claude, Andy, Donnie, Ryan, Corey

Meet and greet

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Allow Jack a deferment period of four weeks to cover his rent, waiving current late fees as well as any others that would be levied during this time.

Richard- Jack got beaten up really bad recently. We could just give him a little time to get some money coming in, 4 weeks, and wiping out any current late fees.

CQ/POI: Burgess- How many times have we taken away late fees?

Richard- I think this is the second time we have waived his late fees.

Concerns/FA: none

All support this item. Jack is allowed a deferment period of four weeks to cover his rent, waiving all current late fees.

Agenda item 2

(Hannah) Membership review of Sam as he is in excess of his limit of eight no-shows in a one month time frame. Please see e-mail addressing this item, summed up as such: no shows do not count towards this threshhold until 4/15, so unless more information is forthcoming I'm guessing that assuming Sam has racked up 8 no-shows in a month when less than two weeks has passed is premature.

Richard- No-shows don't count for this membership review because only anything collected after April 15th will go towards a membership review.

It's a process that hasn't fully taken affect

Sam- I didn't know i had to be doing this (cleaning, etc…) I only got two letters on my door and that's it. I can make up the hours, and I will do anything. I asked Andy to let me know what I can do for my labor. The guy doesn't let me know. Even if I come in here and he's working and he just ignores me.

Richard- We can have a chat with Andy to get a schedule.

Corey- I have seen Sam doing a lot more work lately.

Richard- I don't think we really even

Delia- I've done extra labor this week. For labor holiday, I had to work all day that day. There was nothing I could do.

Richard- I think you just owe 2 hours.

Sam- In renewal of my lease, it said I had to do 2 hours.

Marilyn- the last lease you signed said 4 hours.

Richard- You're down to 3 now, (talking to Delia)

We'll see what we can do.

Andy- I gave you that light assignment and it took you about a month and a half to finish it.

Sam- You don't let me know anything to do. About 2 months I've been asking.

Richard- I think we can table this for now.

Burgess- Would you prefer the make up hours come in maintenance?

Sam- I don't really undrstand the schedule. I do work out there (courtyard) and I never write the hours down because I don't know where to report them. I was on maintenance, and then they took me off maintenance and I didn't even know.

Burgess- the schedule changes do affect everyone. It usually doesn't happen over a two month period.

Richard- Let's table this item for now.


Agenda item 3

New business

Burgess- (pulls out cooking pot) It's a steamer, colander, and pasta cooker. When it starts to steam, turn the heat down!!

Ryan- passes out Budget Report.

   More extreme - Rent raise of $25 per bedroom
   More conservative - $20 increase per bedroom

Ryan- Sasona talk: Called Clayton, Clayton and Tom are on a sub committee bc their treasurer made an incomplete budget. Tom thinks that CHEA has overbilled Sasona, Tom has been sending emails saying that CHEA needs to pay back Sasona like $20,000.

We don't have good financial data, and Tom doesnt either. He is making bad financial claims based on that data.

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