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Trello Standard Operating Procedure

Released 11/8/13

Revised 6/1/14 to incorporate Crew Chief as separate from Maint Coord

Posting Maintenance Requests

  1. The Crew Chief is responsible for recording maintenance requests that were placed in Mr. Lee’s Box or made via the maintenance phone # on the Trello list.
  2. Any Maintenance committee member may post maintenance requests on the Trello, and are urged to do so for maintenance needed in public areas. These requests will be called “Internal Maintenance Requests.”
  3. Only the maintenance coordinator or a designated member who is in charge of the Trello can remove redundant cards.

Claiming a Maintenance Request

  1. Committee members who want to do a listed job will show this by dragging their icon onto the job card. More than one person can “claim” a job this way
  2. Committee members should not move any icon onto a job card except their own icon.
  3. Members are expected to claim enough work to fulfill their assigned hours each month, or contact the maintenance coordinator or Labor Czar before the end of the month. Since maintenance hours are expected to fluctuate somewhat, it is expected that given a whole month, the hours should largely even out.

Assigning a Maintenance Request

  1. If a no member takes on a maintenance request voluntarily, the Crew Chief is permitted to assign a member to do the job or to ask the Maintenance Coordinator to find a contractor to do the work.
  2. When Crew Chief assigns a job, the member will signify their awareness and acceptance of the assignment by putting their icon onto the job card.
  3. Internally made work requests will be assigned at the discretion of the Crew Chief. There is no obligation on the maintenance committee to complete an internally made work request.


  1. Members will record time spent, including prep and clean up time, on the job card.
  2. Preventative maintenance jobs will be checked off, dated and when completed.
  3. When a job is finished, the job card will be moved to the “completed jobs” list.

The Crew Chief

  1. The maintenance coordinator will appoint a member as “Crew Chief” who will oversee the maintenance commitee (“the Crew”), manage the Trello, and receive two hours labor credit for this job, with the understanding that some weeks will require more than two hours labor, others less
  2. The Crew Chief will also generate a Trello-Based labor-hour report each Sunday, showing hours worked by each maintenance committee member. The report will be as accurate as possible, but it the Crew Chief is not responsible for recording a member’s work if the member does not put the work on the Trello before the following Sunday.
  3. The Crew Chief is expected to train new maintenance committee members how to use the Trello
  4. Suggestions for improving the Trello will be directed to the Crew Chief first.
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