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March 5, 2023


Graham(minutes), Karen, Bernard, Lory, Josh, Chinhae, Pheonix, Leah, Dwayne, Logan, Shelby, Cayla, Kate, Russ, Leo, Lyssa, Paul, Richard, McAllen

Meet and Greet

Lori - 1st meeting

Review of Minutes

Minutes from March 26th

Wiki Updates & Announcements

Leah: do we have rent posted on wiki

Bernard: ezgi needs to get trained on wiki. Graham will tell her to get with Leah for that.

Josh: going on break from steward until next Saturday

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Agenda Item 1

(Steward) Officers meeting.

Leah: will talk to Leo about new member stuff. Lots of people want to move in. People are moving around internally. Raddish is coming tomorrow. Logan says they will get 203 ready ASAP. Eske moved out.

Logan: 203 may be done tomorrow. Washing machines will be purchased soon. Will fix fridge in commons if possible or buy a new one if needed. Washing machines have to be delivered soon after being purchased from home depot. David is coming back tomorrow and will work on 204. Doors need to be replace on several units. Door will take priority after washing machines. Getting maintenance labor if very difficult. Will need to work with Bernard on getting people to do stuff. Hopefully people will be getting more stuff done.

Phoenix: there should be a list of stuff that needs to be done in commons for people to do. Maybe print off Trello.

Logan: Will work on making labor activities more accessible. David will be doing stuff and we have money to buy stuff.

Lyssa: people have been more specific about food requests, which is nice. Some niche stuff like mops are hard to get, those were purchased from amazon. Is balancing budget with food requests. People who make meals will have their requests prioritized. Please erase things from whiteboard that we have. We have a smaller budget and more cooks.

Kate: Had a finance meeting. We are adopting new accounting methods to simplify bookkeeping for both houses. Is switching to UFCU from chase. Chase has been an issue. It is difficult to get money transferred out of velocity accounts. All addendums have been signed aside form two people who will be taken care of soon. We have a budget for now, and will be looking at it again soon. Rent may go up again. CHEA bookkeeping costs have gone down.

Cayla: NASCO says we are least in debt of any of their properties. Special board meeting passed getting less bank accounts. Board is happy about Trello. Cayla went to finance meeting and learned a lot about how finances are going. There is discussion about increasing hours for maintenance person. Board costs have gone down, so that is good. NASCO may need more money from us for rent. General membership meeting is April 23rd. Wants to reinstate labor fines, and increase labor hours. Wants to have late fees for rent and decrease amount of money you can be over rent to $250.

Russ: we have labor fines. People have been fined.

Cayla: Wants to reduce costs and get more people doing labor, which also reduces costs. Wants to minimize rent increases. We are continuing to close CTAP stuff. Working on solutions for all our problems. There is some more stuff as well.

Karen: Grounds are getting more involved. People are starting to do stuff. Will need a few people during labor holiday. Leaving clover in center garden. Will buy some plants soon.

Bernard: trying to get better about getting labor done. There are a few people that need to do labor or get no-showed. Things are coming along

Russ: there are 4 payment plans, two need to get signed, two are making payments. Shelby was over $900 so he got with finance officer about getting a notice to vacate. Shelby now wants to discuss payment plan. Do we want to give a payment plan? House should hear from Shelby and decide if we give payment plan.

Paul: is still doing his labor from before. There might be party on April 1st, talked with Blackstar. Can work with everyone on a better day.

Kate: we have talked about joint labor holiday on April 1st, and General meeting on the 28th

Josh: will be taking a break for the week

Agenda Item 2

(Steward) A membership review for Shelby for no-show of labor.

Leah: reads member review posted by Bernard

Shelby: wants to apologize for not doing labor. Has reasons but no excuses for not doing labor. Wants to do labor. Can do deep cleaning and will do labor in future

Logan: do you have specific labor? Shelby says it's the pantry cleaning. Logan says they should have communicated about issues

Bernard: biggest issue is lack of communication. Can leave a note on door, or email, or knock on door. Talked to Shelby on Thursday. Never heard anything from Shelby or roommate at all. Wants to do a membership contract but unsure exactly how to proceed.

Shelby: would prefer to use phone for texting/calling as communication.

Bernard: Yes, that’s fine

Shelby: wants to keep in communication and get labor done

Leah: do want a membership contract Shelby

Shelby: yes

Cayla: sound like lack of communication is a bid issue. We should have a line in member contract that they must communicate if they can’t do labor.

Karen: Can Bernard record if Shelby does communicate that they can’t do labor?

Bernard: yes

Bernard: we had a membership review but voted no action, but there has been no communication since then. A labor contract

Straw pole

No action - none
Behavior contract - all
Eviction - one

Cayla: if someone has gone to the hospital and doesn’t tell us, we have no way of knowing.

Logan: Shouldn’t Shelby telling Bernard that he was in the hospital be enough?

Cayla: yes, as log as they inform us after

Phoenix: if we move forward with eviction we can rescind

House discusses exact wording of contract

Contents of Labor contract:

1: If you are unable to do labor for week, must give written of verbal notice to labor czar by Wednesday of the following week, or if incapacitated, within three days of being able to communicate. - passes

2: Will not exceed 5 gross no show hours for regularly assigned labor in each of three months starting on March 6th 2023 - passes

Entire contract passes unanimously

Cayla explains labor contract to Shelby

Agenda Item 3

(Steward) A membership review of Tracy for no show of labor.

Leah: Reads member review Bernard posted

Bernard: Tracy was officer months ago, but they haven’t done anything for labor. No communication. Has not tried to get labor. Did one bit of labor, but that doesn’t erase the months of lack of labor.

Josh: lack of communication is a huge problem.

Logan: Tracy has communicated that they are at funeral currently. Tracy did not know that moving the refrigerator was house labor. If they could do sit-down labor, that might be better for them.

Cayla: he hasn’t done labor in years, many people work long hours, they still do labor. Any small temporary personal stuff does not excuse years of not doing labor.

Bernard: Many of us work long hours, we all find time to do labor.

Lyssa: this has been a huge problem, but Tracys issues shouldn’t be discounted, we should work with them to get them in a place to do labor

Russ: we should work to get them back on track. Tracy is making payments, which is promising. They should be given a chance to do labor.

Philip: he should do the labor on his time off. Of course he is tired, but he needs to do his labor

Straw pole

No action: none
Behavior contract: most
Eviction: 2 votes

Leah: doing labor must be a main part of it.

Logan: I can give him specific labor

Cayla: talking to Logan about labor can be part of a contract

Lyssa: specific tasks can be helpful so people know exactly what is required of them.

Russ: This needs to be signed next week, it might be better to put the date one week from now

Contents of Labor contract:

1: If you are unable to do labor for week, must give written of verbal notice to labor czar by Wednesday of the following week, or if incapacitated, within three days of being able to communicate. - passes

2: Will not exceed 5 gross no show hours for regularly assigned labor in each of three months starting on March 6th 2023 - passes

Entire contract passes unanimously

New business

Cayla: David wants to finish Nolan’s unit, then work on doors. David did not mention 203. Will have an agenda to increase labor hours.

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