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January 8, 2023


Paul, Karen, Cayla, Ninka, Bernard, Logan, Josh, Jill, Philip, Russ, McAllen, Leah, Dwayne, Eske

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes

Previous minutes pass

Wiki Updates/Announcements

Evictions went through on Tuesday. On the tenth, Josh can go to courthouse and get writ of possession for Ericas unit.

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Agenda Item 1

(Steward) (Joshua, Bernard, Russ) A member review for Tracey Fuller for violating the guest policy.

Josh reads Tracys statement. Tracy says he wants to get a resolution and stay in good standing. Dealing with a bunch of stuff. Is paying $452 every two weeks. Working on upgrading unit. Albert was homeless and he let him stay here, he is working. He wants to make everything good again.

Josh: We have email confirmation that Red is actually living there. Would like to have a behavior contract and a firm date for Red moving out.

Bernard: has seen Red here going in and out of unit during several meetings.

Logan: Tracy is talking around the topic. Generally avoiding questions with a big sad story. This happens every time there is an issue.

Josh: This is classic tracy trying to get sympathy. Red could have got on lease, this isn’t our fault at all.

Eske: clarifies Tracy’s intent for solutions

Josh: Thinks two weeks is plenty enough time to get stuff together.

Eske: clarifies process for a behavior contract

Russ: just putting an eviction notice for Red sounds like a good idea

Cayla: This might make Red dig his heels in, and try to stay

Karen: Putting an eviction notice can give Red additional residency status. A contract with Tracy would force Tracy to get him out which sounds like a better plan.

Paul: We should move on to straw pole

Josh: Behavior contract for Tracy makes more sense.

Leah does straw pole

No action: none
Behavior contract: all
Eviction: a few

1. Tracy will abide by guest policy.
2. Non-member guests must be out by January 21st

Contract will last until for remainder of lease.

Vote to accept behavior contract passes

Agenda Item 2

(Steward) Further discussion on a new guest policy for residents.

Josh: this should be further discussed.

Leah: We should make people notify house if a person is staying and also make the two week limit over a longer period.

Cayla: it should be 14 total days out of 30. This wasn’t a problem before because is was enforced. There is not real enforcement at the moment.

Josh: People should have to declare guests. If there is a vacant room you cannot let people stay in it. People should have three days stay without taking it to house, any more than that and the house has to decide.

Leah: Because meetings are weekly, it could be difficult for people to get to a meeting.

Bernard: Had people staying over, he got member reviewed and they had to get on contract. Says his guest had to come to meeting and get on contract, there should be consistency.

Karen: her son comes to stay sometimes for over 3 days, always lets people know

Paul: has support for not letting people stay in spare room.

Cayla: moving property in is considered having residency. Moving clothes in for a day counts.

Josh: Should be 7 days initial time so people can get to meeting

Paul: Can people just bring up guest at a meeting or is a vote happening for the person?

Leah: so the plan is changing rules to 7 days in a month, then the house can approve 7 more?

Cayla: we should have a vote for people to be guests longer than 7 days

Josh: can draft something up so we can vote on it next meeting

New business

Logan: she should have a member review on herself so that if Charles comes back that can be used as a reason why he can’t stay there

Leah: when is food buyer election? Josh says they will post the sheet on the door

Bernard: Update on government money we applied for? Karen: gov says will give update in February.

Josh: Charles Lyle is banned, if seen call josh or Cayla so they can contact police. Charles started staying there after Jason left. Gave $300 to Jason to sublet unit. Believes Erica was breaking into their unit. Erica has done this multiple times. Last night, she did it again. Charles yelled and threatened Logan and the coop. Punched a hole in wall. Josh heard violent yelling, was pounding on door and demanding Logan. Josh called police. Charles eventually went back to 103. Police said no officer had taken up case at 3am. Charles called Logan and tried to get sympathy. By 5:30am, Logan told him he had to go. Charles did not want to leave. Logan had to demand and they leave. By 5:30am he had left. At around 6:30 or 7:00 am Charles tried to steal coop ladders when friend came to pick up stuff. When confronted he blamed it on a friend. Logan says he stole his laptop. Josh says Charles stole other stuff. Josh says he was trying to establish residency the whole time.

Leah: at the new member stage of meeting, any guests should be brought up.

Josh: again, contact them so they can contact police if Charles is seen. Drives a brown ford explorer. Appearance in late 50’s to 60s, short darker complexion.

Logan: please be wary of people hanging around 103

Karen: Update on 204? Cayla says its being worked on

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