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December 11, 2022


Graham (minutes), Josh, Tracy, Kate, Cayla, Eske, Karen, Bernard, Aaron, Philip, Dwayne, Leah, Alyssa, Jason, 2 new people, Dom

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

Wiki Updates/Announcements

Karen will not be here for Christmas

Logan is new maintenance coordinator. Get with her for any problems

Bernard: Will post labor, not doing it will result in being no showed. Make sure to sign labor on board.

Tracy: was hit on motorcycle a few days ago

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Q J V G​ K

New business

Tracy asks what kind of payment plan he should have. Due to circumstances he is paying $452 each 2 weeks. He is not able to attend meetings. We discuss possible payment plan of paying $904 per month until excess balance paid. Will have an agenda item about plan for next meeting.

Josh: processing two evictions Tuesday. Behavior contracts are going out for

Tracy: can be assigned labor. There is need for security officer position. Need working lights and cameras.

Logan: has list of priorities she can show you. Will have meetings wednesday at 7:30

Bernard: Posted about labor on everybody’s door. Everybody must have a job on labor sheet. Everybody must sign labor sheet

Jason: plans to move out and pay everything

Josh: can post elections by wednesday

Cayla: put up vote to elect Roberto to board.

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