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December 4, 2022


Graham(minutes), Bernard, Kate, Cayla, Cory, Karen, Russ, New person (Leo), Jason, Josh, Eske, Richard

Meet and Greet

Leo 2nd meeting, Voted in

Review of Minutes

Minutes Pass

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Agenda Item 1

(Cayla) Reinstate late fees “levied on any tenant that owes more than $100 on the 8th and th 16th a fee of $25” as per our website

Vote to table agenda. We will need to revisit this.

New Business:

Agenda Item 2

(Jason) Rescind Notice to vacate for nonpayment

No action taken

Agenda Item 3

(Cayla) Officers meeting

Russ - some people are being evicted
Russ explains Tracys situation. Payment plan was broken in June. Josh will proceed with eviction, will communicate everything to Tracy. Tracy can still pay up.

Garbirel wants to get on payment plan, but needs to sign a lease

Josh - absence of maintenance is a problem, but someone seems to be stepping up
Evictions can proceed very soon
Lots of people aren’t on leases, that needs to get done
Maintenance meeting this Wednesday at 7:30
Bernard explains problems with assigning people to maintenance
Jill has a person living here off lease. Bernard brings up Red living at Tracy’s place.
Josh will put up elections, will last for a week

Kate - will do budget soon, will look into Aaron Bradley situation.

Karen - McAllen mulched the front, maintenance is progressing

Cayla - Most of NASCO meeting was spent talking poorly of La Reunion. They think nothing is happening on our end. We could all get kicked out or we can make it work. We will need to get our shit together soon, NASCO will do interviews with the house members and try to assess what needs to be done. We need to fix
Working on CHEA taxes for November
Got two new board members into positions.

Agenda Item 4

(kate) finalize behavior contracts for Aaron Sims, McAllen Halsey, and Phillip McCain

Kate reads Aaron’s behavior contract,

Vote on Aarons behavior contract - vote passes

Kate reads McAllens member review - vote passes

Kate reads Philip’s behavior contract, Date is adjusted to August 1st 2023 - vote passes

New business

Bernard brings up if the new person has any connection to Mary.

Bernard brings up that three random white dudes were in the upper level and came down then went into two separate vehicles.

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