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June 12, 2022


Karen, Russ, Philip, Jason, Cory, Kate, Leah, Jill, Call, Josh, Yarrow, Richard, Bernard,

Meet and Greet

Amanda (second meeting) - accepted onto wait list

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Steward) Monthly Officer reportbacks and discussion

Kate: cards work now for some reason. We are getting second bid for boiler, still waiting on number. Setting up meeting between Angie and treasurer at seasons to get books in order. People were paying cheap stuff with La Rey funds, we will be reimbursed.

Cayla: CHEA meeting June 26th here. Still working on getting grant. Getting an outside rep for board.

Jill: leaving for a week. Jason can do maintenance. Karen will handle plants.

Leah: Lyssa needs card. Kate can get that to her. People on wait list. Some are signing for 208 and 204

Russ: Talked with Jill, will work with her on how to process payments and stuff. Waiting on tracy to approve payment plan. Don isn’t getting Hakka(spelling?) payments

Karen: grounds look good. Working on flower beds. Still looking at displacement funds.

Yarrow: still working on accounts confusion. Ryan got into chea account, so that should be solved soon. Too many bank accounts. Still trying to pay lease to nasco. We are still looking fine.

Cory: siding by garage needs to be replace. Fire extinguishers need to be inspected. Boiler needs work. Labor holiday happened. No Labor czar or event person. Working on 101, it's in progress. Still dealing with 203, can start when notice is over. Jill has contacted people who helped her move in. We are looking good

New business

Bernard: Not trying to be mean, but we are getting taken advantage of by people. Lots of traffic at a problem room. Bernard asked for keys from a person because only members should have keys. Bernard did not say anything to RJ but RJ blew up. Feels RJ is being protected by people. RJ is disrupting our home. People have spoken to him, constant people in and out. Person has RJs keys. Worried about safety. Cory has stopped a dude from throwing away a window. RJ said will “Die and go to Hell”. Bernard thinks RJ is using this place for traffic for whatever. People have talked to RJ and behavior has not improved. Amanda has listened to issues and sees how much of an issue it is. Tracy tried to help, but RJ doesn’t accept help. RJ has violated behavior plan. Cory states we try to be as nice as possible because we are a non profit, but we have to draw the lone somewhere. Karen thinks RJ should be courteous with letting people use residence.

Yarrow: will be moving out later this year. We need a board rep, will not be able to complete board cycle.

Philip: needs ink cartages for printer.

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