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May 15, 2022


Graham (minutes), Russ, Richard, Jill, Hannah, Burgess, Richard, Philip, Josh, Leah, Cory, Kate, Bernard, Karen, Robert, Philip, Cayla, Dom, Paul, Alyssa

Meet and Greet

Robert, Wants to move in before June 30th with partner.

Review of Minutes

Minutes pass

Wiki Updates

Leah: new member in 109

Agenda Item 1

(Hannah) Automatic membership review of Richard Simoes based on labor noncompletion.

Hannah: this is standard review. Richard had 12 no shows.
Josh: needs to get on board with maintannence he has availability thus, wed, Hannah will work further with him
Richard: not much to say, knows the system, he’ll try to do better, he’s working from home, want to work to do his stuff better.
Hannah: people are not doing fridge clean outs, causing Ryan and Paul to do more work.
Jill: can do kitchen cleaning stuff
Karen: Monday night cleaner hasn’t been doing work.
Philip: he does cleaning up after other people

Hannah: most of time person is required to do at least half of hours for 60 days. This would start May 16th
Straw Pole:
No action: does not pass
Behavior plan: Passses
Evict: Not pass
Hannah: Richard must do 50% of assigned labor hours. To be revisited after 60 days.
Cory will draft that and bring it to next meeting

Agenda Item 2

(Cayla) Establish an Ad Hoc Committee for City Anti Displacement Funding. The Ad Hoc committee will have at least 1 board member, Aleah, and at least one member from each house.

Cayla: needs volunteers to get people to be on committee to decide what to do with money. Cayla is already on committee. Karen and Ryan volunteers. Ryan already working on this stuff. Can get contractor to do bids.
Cory: Lets make Karen our rep. Everyone agrees.

Agenda Item 2

(RJ Leah and Jill) Due to creating harassing and inhospitable living conditions, I am bringing this membership review against Erica Beaver.

Upon moving in, there was a verbal agreement to pay half of the electricity; which has not been followed upon.

Her partner, Brandon, followed her from her temporary stay with Cayla in 208 to my unit, 203, and has remained as a guest since the beginning of February. He has not made any attempt to be added to her lease and become a resident. Perour lease, we are allowed a guest to stay for up to 2 weeks out of the month.

She began slandering my good name beginning on April 14th, while we were cohabitating. She accused me of stealing her belongings, poisoning her food, getting drunk and taunting her nightly and claimed that I was a dangerto othermembers of the co-op. There was a pattern of hostile behavior against me with other members of the co-op. Erica began video recording me the second she'd hear my car in the parking lot. There were also harassing communications with the Membership Coordinator, making her and her partner feel unsafe.

When I didn't move to 102 in the timeline she wanted, she continued the inappropriate messages to the MemCo. All communication for anything had to be done through Brandon, as I was attempting to limit any and all communication with her. I communicated I would have my last things out on April 27th to Brandon.

When I came home from work on that day (April 27th) to get the last of my belongings, I walked in to find Erica had moved all of my things to my room and was sweeping. I had to pull a few belongings from the trash, and there was no communication with the MemCo about moving my things. She stated “You're fine, I did it all on camera.” I am still missing my 2 cast iron skillets as well.

When I attempted to ask about them, she remained behind her bedroom door and called me names, refusing to make any attempt to find my belongings, and called the police. She stated that things became physical, even though there was door between us the entire time.

Since moving, I am very uncomfortable being outside when Erica is. She has told Philip I broke a key in herlock, and changed one of the locks without informing the MemCo, Maintenance Coordinator, or providing them a key. This has been my home for 3 years, and having been pushed out of it by someone I welcomed in with love and open arms within a 2-month period, is heart wrenching.

Jill: do we need Erica here? Leah knocks on door. Erica comes to meeting.
Jill: Reads what was posted
Erica: we never spoke much she taunted, barged, , was totally defensive, called the police, there’s more to it.
Jill: didn’t barge in, just was asking
Alyssa: can confirm abusive language to members. Has witnessed it. Late night verbal abuse.
Leah: Asked Erica to not talk at certain times, this was not respected,
Erica: has tried to do good, but isn’t getting help
Leah: gets huge weird text messages that ramble about celestial stuff innapropritely.
Burges: have you changed locks? Erica says yes
Burgess: has never seen Jill be a threat. Believes Erica will be a problem.

Jill: will get full unit if she could. Erica is by far worst Roomate ever. Tried to help Erica, but Erica has a pattern of accusing people of poisoning and stealing.
Burgess: We are not a jury. Jury can’t know people. We know Jill, that should be “enough said”
Hannah: Understands Jill. Stuff with Leah is documented. We need to back up memco.
Josh: We heard about confirmation of documentation from Erica.
Alyssa: This is first to make her feel unsafe. Actually feels scared.
Leah: Ericas story doesn’t add up. Erica was talking about crazy paranoid stuff, people that set her up have tried to help, hasn’t worked.
Cory: tries to keep things on topic
Jill: want to reiterate there is a pattern of bad behavior. Alyssa and Leah agree.
RJ: erica tells him to get the fuck away from the place..
Cayla: all membership officers have been harrased by members at a time. She believes Leahs recollection of events.
Jill: abuse caused her to move. That decided it.
Josh: she has broken the lease.
Burgess: pass
Paul: replacing locks is against the rules.
Cory: straw pole is needed
No action: not pass
Behavior contract: Like 3 votes

Eviction: Passes ( goes to paper ballots)
Cory gets paper. States YES means evict, No means no eviction. You can abstain with A
Votes are added to bucket. Cory counts vote. Hannah counts votes. Both get 17 yes, 1 no. 94% passes.
Richard suggests 7 days. Cory suggests 30 days due to court stuff. Leah, Jill, Nolan discuss her further abuse. Alyssa thinks it won’t be good during eviction period. She will be mad.
Josh: is worried about peoples safety. Leah is open to restraining orders and stuff, but not quite yet.
Everyone agrees 30 days from date notice is posted.

New business
Bernards thing, Cory states two signatures are there. Bernard has issue where members are not following guidelines. Cliques and favoritism. Letting people hang out and violate rules. RJ has not been given member review or signed it. We need to follow rules.
Cory: feels a lot of him. He has not reached out to RJ because he finds it difficult. It is not because of favoritism. Has his own misgivings. There are other options for dealing with this.
Leah: Has he written contract? and can give it to RJ. Leah can help serve contract.
Hannah discussed if we need three signature for member contract breach.
Bernard: Why did nobody sign it? He has videos and pictures of RJ doing stuff at 4:00 am. Dudes at his place causing trouble. Has problem with RJ being out of compliance. There is safety issue. Karens plants are getting ripped up.
Philip: hes broken contract, RJ should be dealt with
Alyssa: just because people didn’t sign didn’t mean people arnt understanding. We are not being favorative.
Bernard: angry about RJs behavior. People are violating rules to be nice.
Karen: was unaware of issue until seeing holes. Had to plant plants in front because feels uneasy to put plants in courtyard. Karen sees people hanging with RJ that she wouldn’t want to be outside around.
Paul: seems like confusion between member review vs behavior contract. Karen didn’t know contract wast signed
Cayla: didn’t realize there was only 2 signatures. The people at RJ’s were uninvited.
Philip: Rj’s dog is pooping on neighbors property, is looking at getting police involved.
Josh: can we get contract to RJ to sign now?
Cory: can get it to RJ now.
Hanah: Wants a labor holiday soon. Its getting hot. We should do it soon. As to officer elections, she will not seek realection for labor czar. Can do fridge cleaning. Doesn’t have plans to increase to 4 hrs, doesn’t see need. Needs replacement Wednesday cook.
Bernard: We need to figure out pantry, it has lots of gnats. Doest know how to top them. They feed on left open food.
Hannah: we can add Jill to Wednesday cleanup. We can caulk around cracks.
Paul: getting roaches. Asks about professional bug spraying.
Bernard: washer issue is due to washers being in not in warranty because people got into washer and fried panel.
Jill: As cook, fruits and veg should be in fridge. Would need another fridge. We had one that didn’t get replaced. Regular apartments get regular bug spray. Ya gotta spray the whole thing.
Paul: agrees about need for another industrial fridge. Believes roaches are breeding in fridge.
Bernard: gets 14x25x1 filters. People should take care of them
Leah: is there rule about international members? We need a social security number of drivers license, passport, green card. Cory states government ID should work. Not having ID should be discussed with attorney. No house policy though.

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