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May 1, 2022

Present: Graham(minutes), Leah, Russ, Kate, Cayla, Josh, New member 1, New member 2, Bernard, Jason, Paul

Meet and Greet

Jarrod is approved for membership

Review of Minutes

Minutes from previous meeting pass

Wiki Updates

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New business

Meeting begins: 7:06pm

Karen: wants help planting stuff

Russ: website says bookkeeper evicts people, needs to be updated.

Motion to update wiki is proposed by Leah. Motion passes

Officer meeting

Kate: Debit card works, checks are not. She’s working on it. Making payment on new water heater. She can log into chase account. Asks Karen about a receipt from November 2021.

Leah: Jill is moved out of 203. People are looking at moving in. Russ has been getting calls about house, but doesn’t can’t pick up all the time. Looking at getting number off public website. Chea board is still trying to get stuff back from housing project. Needs help with banking. City of Austin gives grant for low income housing. Like 250,000-300,000. A committee needs to be formed to try and get it. Jason asks if we can use it for pipes. Probably not says Leah. Chea is ending 5 year goal plan and is starting a new long term goals plan.

Russ: Rents are in. Some people are more than 2 months behind. Three payment plan people. One in poor standing. Has quickbook problems. Has not received receipts from maintenance. Hasn’t done expenses for April. Maintenance has been not getting paid. Hasn’t made last months deposit. Will do this week. Hasn’t deposited quarters. Student bookkeeper emailed with questions but russ couldn’t help much. Kate might be able to help. He is 2 months away from end of bookkeeping position.

Alyssa: Tried to order food, card got declined. Gave card to Cory. Kate states that new card are here.

Russ: Feels tha tpwople are telling him about making payments, but not following through. Philip is promising rent money. Philip states that a church is helping and the Travis county is promising him money, he is waiting on their money, Russ states more people are being that before. Philip feels officers should be doing more. Philip feels people are making lots of promises and stories that are inappropriate to discuss in such manner.

Karen: could use help tonight. Please don’t ash in flower beds. New debit card works.

New Business: None

Meeting ends 7:46

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