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April 8, 2022 @ 7pm (Emergency Meeting)


Agenda Item 1

(Steward) Formulate and pass a plan to resolve ongoing severe code violations within this weekend. Such issues must be resolved to avoid the property's closure. A multitude of approaches will be on the table for potential adoption as possible solutions to ensure this work gets done in the necessary time frame including but not limited to financial compensation for labor hours performed.

Meeting Minutes, taken by Graham:

7:05 - Cory start - code enforcement found stuff out of compliance, guy said he can shut down the coop over railing. Needs to be resolved by Monday. Cory has supplies but needs labor. Purpose of meeting is to get people. Labor czar approved work in exchange for labor holidays.

Yarrow - people should be able to work in exchange to labor holiday credits.

Paul - Do we have help from naaco?

Josh - is there people who have volunteered to work that are not present?

General discussion of how railing replacement will work takes place (removal of bolts, possibly redrilling holes)

Tracy - inspector came for water heater, but the railing was most important. If not replaced, he can vacate part of coop. Door jam to laundry room is a fire hazard. Rusted n=bolt need to get cut. soffit needs to be replaced where caving down. Code enforcement person didn’t want to make a big deal, but needed to see some progress. Daniel downplayed things and suggested paying coopers $20 an hour to do labor. Plumbers noted for tankless waterheaters for every unit, but that is not what needed. Danial says they can budget for new water heaters for two units. Tracy emailed entire board and others about this issue asking for help from higher ups.

Cory - meetings cannot spend more than $250 according to rules, only way to do financial compensation would be to record hours and sign money at next meeting. Cory doesn’t know how many hours it will take. Tracy said we can rent a welder and cut off problem parts. Cory says rails are not good from beginning and need to all be replaced.

Philip suggested contractor that he knows, he’s licensed.

Kate - says we need to get people and see how we can document hours. Like a sign in-sign out sheet.

Paul - pole to see if people can work Saturday or sunday - There are a bunch of hands

Cory - people can work any time as long as there is work. He has more tools at least two ladders. He will draft a time sheet for everyone. He will not be compensated for work. He is passing sign up sheet to put down name and day/time available. Starting 8am working under walkway

Cory - sunday is officer meeting about other stuff

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