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April 26, 2020

Present: Corey, Carl, Philip, Paul (facilitator), Richard, Bernard, Ryan, Russ, Ryan, Hannah, Christian (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Gracie (2nd meeting, approved)

Matt (2nd meeting, approved)

Anderson (2nd Meeting, approved)

Review of Minutes

Minutes Approved

Wiki Updates

No Wiki updates

Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Ban all gatherings in the commons and courtyard for the foreseeable future, excepting those required for house business, wherein such cases best practices to ensure compliance with current safety standards will be used to the best of our ability.

Corey: seems people have still been gathering around the coop areas without any apparent reason, if nothing else if you are wanting to hang out, they can do it in the privacy of their own coop

Poi: it might just be the human need to be with other people, but we do need to limit it but do need to call out other when they do get within that space. People will try to fill this human need one way or another.

Poi: how would we define this in general

Poi: would say anyone gathering farther than the front of apt with people other than their roommate.

Move to Concerns and amendments? yes

Concerns and amendments

would there be a punishment or any direct repercussion for breaking this rule?

Could be yellow carded or member reviewed but nothing exact

Would masks exempt from this rule

Not currently but that could be an amendment

What about just two people using the commons at the same time?

No exactly a gathering

We seem to have questions about gather size

We could restrict number of people in an area as an amendment, so say 3 people in the breeze way

What about all gathering must follow the 6-foot rule?


You must maintain 6 ft and facial covering for any permitted gathering. Pass

No more than two people in a group but any roommate is excluded from that count. BLOCK

No more than 6 people in a gathering. Pass

Vote: Agenda Item Pass

Agenda Item 2

(Corey) Set the end date for all previously passed covid-19 related restrictions/policy changes to May 31st 2020.


New business

Chea monthly waver have been processed, and there will be emails going out for the details.

seems the water temperature is fluctuating; some people are showing that the temperature can fluctuate between different fluctuates in the same unit

we have people who constantly pay at the 15th and instead of charging them for the $20 we could work on a pay plan.

Poi: Could we not just have that as an individual adenium rather than changing the whole payment set up to try to tract of the different plans

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