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April 19, 2020

Present: Richard (facilitator), Bernard, Paul (minutes), Serene, Nolan

Meet and Greet

Louise (second meeting, approved), Ryan (second meeting, approved), Gracie & Matt (first meeting), Andrew (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

New business

Board member: Today is the deadline for COVID rent relief applications. Post your info in time and prove your loss of income and we will use part of our vacancy reserve fund to pay a portion of your rent. How much relief you get depends on how many people request relief. We applied for an EIDL loan - it has a $10,000 cash advance that doesn't have to be paid back. We'll be processing the applications at the next board meeting four days from now.

Maintenance: How's the water after the first plumbing fixes? We do have other work planned to make piping more uniform - that's the last reasonably priced solution.

Point of information: It's all right.

Maintenance: We'll see what our budget looks like after this plague; hopefully we can schedule more work then.

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