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February 23, 2020

Present: Richard (Facilitator), Karen (minutes) Carl, McAllen, Philip, Bernard, Serene, Jose and Teresa

Meet and Greet

Jose-first meeting
Teresa-second meeting, accepted

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Wiki Updates

Ryan updated the wiki with Jack’s law.

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Approve behavior contract for Phillip.

Agenda not posted, so not discussed.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Drop the member floor rule, keeping the exemption list. Replace the rule with a requirement that any non-exempt member occupying a whole unit either perform an additional four hours of labor weekly or otherwise pay an extra $10/month (4 hours * 4.5 weeks * $10). Update the lease to reflect this change.

Agenda not posted, so not discussed.

New business

Serene - spoke with Lincoln earlier today, he expressed interest why he was not considered being the wiki updater as the web site was down recently. This would be his best use of skills to provide labor to the coop.

Richard - I emailed Gatlin about it, fines could be wiped clean. In the future could we please use folks with the skill set available in determining labor vacancies.

Richard - water will be fixed by the end of the week, hopefully. Also, washers will be up and down until we get new ones.

Philip asked when McAllen would be moving his stuff out of the apartment. McAllen said he had texted Philip for availability. Philip said he did not receive a message. McAllen said he could re-text Philip with his hours of availability if requested. Richard said he had also texted McAllen to get stuff out of the apartment. Philip wants supervision when items are moved out. McAllen said he would move his items out this evening.

Discussion ensued regarding the placement of food and cleaning supplies separately in the commons.

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