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February 9, 2020

Present: Paul (minutes, facilitator), Carl, Serene, Philip, Robbie

Meet and Greet

Theresa (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

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No updates.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Approve Phillip's behavior contract.

Not discussed because agenda wasn't posted.

New business

Clarifying question: What's going on with the washers and dryers? I rely on them to wash my clothes.

Point of interest: I think the machines have been abused recently - faceplates broken out, various malicious things. If we upgrade them we'll need to be more vigilant caring about them and being vigilant too.

Clarifying question: Who's in charge of that?

POI: Richard; it's maintenance.

POI: He's also got a lot on his plate with the hot water situation. Maybe we can get him at the next meeting talking about maintenance priorities.

POI: I know we have two different contractors right now. It would be good to have a regular contractor that does things like preventative maintenance.

POI: I had one problem with the washer where it just kept washing and even unplugging it didn't unlock the door. I was doing clothes until 4 am the morning before work.

CQ: What about the clothes that have been left in there for days?

POI: If it's been three days, that sounds like abandoned property.

POI: I'll probably throw them out tomorrow.

CQ: Hey, we paid a deposit and we didn't get a professional cleaning. I know another unit being moved into got a full cleaning. That seems like different treatment.

Expense bookkeeper: Seems like a valid concern. I'll add an agenda item to discuss this next meeting.

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