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February 2, 2020

Present: Robert, Russ, McAllen, Richard (Facilitator), Philip, Bernard, Burgess, Nolan, Gatlin, Carl, Paul, Barrack, Christian (Minutes)

Meet and Greet

No Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Minutes Approved

Wiki Updates

No Updates

Agenda Item 3

(Ryan Nill) Allow Rachel Leonard, CHEA Operations Manager, to have a Filling Cabinet Key. On 1/26, the board granted her access contigent on us approving it at a meeting.


Agenda Item 4

(Russ) Forgive, Lincoln's no shows. Normally an invoice is emailed to a member but we haven't an email address for Lincoln. July, 2019 $30, August, 2019 $10, September, 2019 $50 October, 2019 $50, November, 2019 $50.

House rules call for termination of an associate's contract when labor fines exceed $100.


Agenda Item 5

(Russ) Notifying the House that Jax has accumulated $80 in labor fines. December's no show report adds $40 . I have no email address for Jax. Discussion item.


Agenda Item 2

(McAllen) Request the house to waive labor fines incurred for the months of November and December due to no signature.

McAllen: I had done my labor, but I had not signed off on the same day. And I wasn’t aware of them until last week

POI: They aren’t billing for December yet only for November.

McAllen: I was given the impression I should be signing each day that I work

poi: The sheets aren’t checked every day. We might need to table this until there is a clearer picture.

[Labor Czar was requested to bring the November and December sign of sheet to review.

Seven signed labors for the month of December.

Four signatures in November]

Poi: Would you be willing to have half the hours of November removed and all the hours of December?

McAllen: Sure

Vote Passed

Agenda Item 1

(McAllen) (McAllen) Member review of Phillip McCain in response to sexual misconduct against me on the evening of Friday, 1/17. Though not strictly necessary for the purposes of an agenda item description, I wish to add that Phillip's recent transgression notwithstanding, his diligent contributions to the LaRe community in the form of his labor has been exceptional to an unprecedented degree.

Poi of order: we do need to have detail info for the record of the membership review based on

McAllen: I was in the middle of moving from my unit. My roommate claimed I was moving out because of him, I told him that it was because of the cold shower and to get a quieter unit, he continues to claim it was to move away from him and to call me a racist.

McAllen: He then told me he would never hurt me, and had proceeded to grab my crotch,

Philip: I previously reported him for sexual allegation and had threatened me with a machete, and he is trying to retaliate against me.

Poi: do you have any response to what McAllen said?

Philip: I am not putting myself at risk; I wouldn’t do that. I know that doing something like this puts me at risk

McAllen: I want to respond with your actuation of the machete

Poi: That is an item for a different member review

Philip: I have my proof right here {holding police report}

Poi: this is an issue that is starting to spin out of control, and these are allegations are that are coming out now and we keep getting something new each time there is a meeting

Poi: how did this come around, were in an argument and is then grabbed you or was something else that was happening

Poi: I am not convinced that this story adds up, you don’t go from argument to grabbing someone

Poi: I have a problem with this, trying to bring up someone’s past, and if feels like we aren’t being told the whole story. Something

Poi: We only have one person’s words against the other

Poi: Do you [McAllen] remember earlier in that evening that there were other jokes that you had made to others at the party earlier in the evening involving you and Philip

McAllen: Don’t remember that of the jokes, but I do remember there were some thing that was done it involved Philip and that everyone laughed

Poi: you said at the party that night you had said you went inside to get something, you were in the back when Philip came in, where did he come in and how did he act

McAllen: He did come through and stand in the door and as I tried to end the conversation

Poi: Philip, I remember that you had asked about McAllen moving and if he no longer liking you anymore.

Poi: McAllen do you remember the joke that you told with Philip?

McAllen: I don’t remember the exact wording, but I do know it was homosexual in nature

Poi: I want it to be clear this keeps going back and forth and it seems to be that we could be here all night

Poi: I want to make sure that it’s clear that any jokes like that don’t mean consent

Non-Members and Philp asked to leave

Straw poll: behavioral contract wins

Proposing Amendments

Infor his future roommates at the coop for his prior record

Vote for amendment: failed

Past 9PM vote to extend

Amendment for Philp to make no contact with McAllen unless an emergency for the lifetime of membership

Vote Passed

If only McAllen and Philp are alone in a Common area, Philp must remove himself from the area

Amendment passes

Philip must follow verbal boundaries from members.

Vote Pass

No to linger around 205 unless through a mediator

Vote Pass

New business

No New Business

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