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November 3, 2019

Present: Russ, Ramona, Richard (facilitator), Paul (minutes), Philip, Russ, Bernard, Ryan, Karen, Carmen, Wanda, Serene

Meet and Greet

Nobody for meet and greet.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved, although minutes were not posted online and were posted to the email list in docx form.

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Add “reasonable accommodation for disability” to the house whole-unit occupancy policy.

Richard: We effectively have a cap on number of units that can be occupied by a single member, with a few exceptions. Disability is not included in that exception list. This adds

Clarifying question: This would formalize preventing a single unit from being occupied by a wealthy person?

Richard: No, it would just exempt people with disabilities from being affected by the cap. This is in response to rumblings about changing this policy.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Agenda item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Robbie M) Allow Robbie M. to pay off owed debt balance to La Reunion Cooperative by November 30th.

(Richard takes up the item.)

Robbie M: Robbie fell off his payment plan but has a big paycheck due. He asks to be forgiven for missing his payment.

Treasurer: His payment plan ends in January. He's over the $100 member-in-good-standing with labor fines and late fees since he got on the labor plan.

Treasurer: I gave him two different payment options. If he paid a certain amount he'd stop paying late fees. If he paid the other one he would still have an overdue balance and have to pay additional late fees.

Incoming bookkeeper: Can we just extend his payment plan payment to the end of November?

Treasurer: But he also owes more money in other fees. That's what this agenda item is about.

Richard: Robbie just wants to not get a notice to vacate by the end of the month for money owed. This is just about the payment plan.

Treasurer: He made the payment plan payment, but didn't pay his rent payment. When I looked at his info he owed more than $100 in other fines. So he's good on his payment plan payments.

Richard: In that case I'll address the other fees then.

Treasurer: How long should any notice to vacate be?

Richard: Two weeks? A month?

Treasurer: Two weeks.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Richard: Friendly amendment: Replace the item: Allow Robbie to owe more than $100 beyond his payment plan until November 30th without receiving a notice to vacate.

Richard retracts that friendly amendment and replaces it with a new one: Friendly amendment: Robbie shall not receive a notice to vacate until November 30th for money owed.

Agenda item which is really the friendly amendment passes.

Agenda Item 3

(Ramona) I would like to break my lease and request prorated rent during the month of November.

Ramona: I'm moving out. I want to be an associate. I want to be out by the fifth of November. I'd like to prorate to November 15th and break my lease.

Richard: Normally we'll let you break the lease but still ding you the lease break fee, which is $100.

Ramona: Okay.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Agenda item passes.

New business

Carmen: I want to move in to where Ramona is vacating. That move-in time works for me. Who do I sign a contract with?

Steward: Our membership coordinator has stepped down. I'll get an answer to you by Monday.

Officer: Robert hasn't signed a lease or put in his deposit.

Point of interest: This passed the last membership coordinator's time threshold already, but she's already stepped down.

POI: Sounds like a notice to vacate.

POI: Let's get a membership coordinator to talk to him first.

Maintenance officer: Two weeks from now there'll be a water shut-off for a couple hours, and hopefully we'll have better hot water afterwards. I need to coordinate having an electrician there at the same time.

CQ: Do we need the north-side fence?

POI: We could ask the neighbor to pay for half of it.

POI: They told us it's on our land. Which means we can get rid of it.

POI: Let's ask Grounds to make the call.

Bookkeeper (outgoing): I need to vent: A bunch of payments are going out without proper receipts. This should be second nature, people - as SOON as you use a co-op check or our card, you drop the receipt in the box.

POI: I recommend no-shows if an officer isn't doing part of their responsibilities, like not turning in receipts.

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