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October 20, 2019

Present: Richard (facilitator), Karen, Sam, Philip, Serene, Paul (minutes), Carmen, Russ, Robert, Robbie, Ryan, Barak

Meet and Greet

Doug - first meeting.

Review of Minutes

Ryan raises objection that he saw no agenda item posted by Saturday. No action taken.

Wiki Updates

Wiki officer hour changes approved.

Events coordinator: It seems like events coordinator had hours reduced and extra responsibilities added?

Point of interest: Looks like those are other questions about old labors still on the wiki. Talk to the wiki updater.

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Agenda Item 1

(Wanda) We had the gas shut off for 5 days which was costly in other ways to our community. I propose, we compensate those 5 days off our rent. Which will approximately be .74 and rent for October would be 9.26.

Though to prevent any accounting errors, I say we round up to and rent at 7.

Especially since some of us missed dinner those tough, tough days.


(Wanda is not present; the item is brought up by Richard)

Richard: We had gas off for 5 days.

Clarifying questions: The numbers don't seem accurate. What amount are we talking about?

Point of interest: 5/31 * 452 = $72.90 per room, or double for people who rent a whole unit.

Concerns / friendly amendments

Concern from finance officer: There's no legal obligation to do this. We also provide a lot of services besides gas, so it doesn't necessarily make sense to credit the whole rent during the period. It would also take our bookkeeper several hours to fill this out and future finance officers will have to track people down to pay them this if they don't claim it immediately.

Concern from another finance officer: This seems like a normal part of home ownership. I don't think it's necessary.

CQ: When does it become a legal requirement?

POI: There are certain services required for health that we have to fix in a reasonable amount of time. In the Texas Code that reasonable amount of time is generally 7 days.

Friendly amendment from Richard: Reduce the amount to $25/room.

Friendly amendment withdrawn.

Agenda item does not pass.

New business

Clarifying question: Is a co-op bike available?

Paul: Yes! Talk to me after the meeting.


CQ: I've got extra hours from working on & cleaning my unit when I moved in. How can I make sure that's all cleared up?

Point of interest: I'll talk to the labor czar.


CQ: My toilet's not bolted down.

POI from maintenance: We can take a look & get a plumber for that.

Board representative: Nominations are up for NASCO Properties board. There's a description in the email I sent out.

CQ: Can you post it in the commons?

POI: I think there already is one.

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