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October 6, 2019

Present: Carmen, Wanda, Richard (facilitator), Paul (minutes), Karen, Philip, Sam, Aaron

Meet and Greet

No one for Meet & Greet.

Review of Minutes

Corrected 5 different names, minutes approved.

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Agenda Item 1

(W. Lough, Paul, Rebecca) Officer Review for McAllen:

I would like to formally and respectfully address some of the deficiencies in the task completion of the Grounds Coordinator. I would like to bring these complaints to house and work towards a constructive outcome.


– When I arrived at the co-op, I asked to be put on the Grounds team. However, I was never given a grounds key nor instructions nor had any contact from the Grounds Coordinator. After a couple weeks, I left the grounds because I felt useless.

– I don’t think it’s fair for an officer to admit they have not done labor.

– A couple days ago, I received a notice on my front-door-clip when I am even not on Grounds labor anymore, which is confusing.

– I perceive the email communication coming from the GC as confusing and unproductive as far as reporting on the current state of the Grounds.

– I think there are achievable projects that could be organized and completed, and are not.

Point of Interest: McAllen couldn't be here due to work, but he sent out an email.

POI: We *all* received the front door clip note. I'm not sure he knows who's on grounds.

Wanda: I feel like the description covers that. I guess he's returning to labor now that's he's gotten feedback, but there are still good potential projects that just aren't being done. People have ideas, we just need a coordinator who will put in the labor.

POI: He said in the email that he's willing to step down if people want.

Richard: I told him that three people want that, and he said he'd send out an email.

Wanda: I think he can be on grounds, just not a coordinator.

Clarifying Questions: And you'd be willing to be interim grounds, Wanda?

Wanda: Yes. Hopefully I'll become Steward in the next agenda item, but it's also about to be winter, so there will be less activity in grounds.

Richard: OK, time for a secret paper ballot.

The 3/4th voter threshold is reached, and McAllen is no longer Grounds Coordinator.

Wanda is unanimously approved to be interim grounds coordinator.

Agenda Item 2

(W Lough) I would formally like to take over the steward position. I believe I have to be elected by the house.

One of the projects I would like to take on is updating the rules binder and the online manual/Wikipedia.

Wanda: I'm organized. I'm catching up on policies. I love co-ops and feel I can represent this co-op well.

POI: One of your first responsibilities will be running an election for Grounds coordinator.

CQ: So this would be for the rest of the term? (through the end of the year)

POI: Yes.

Unanimously approved.

New business

CQ: What's up with the gas?

Maintenance: It's down. There was a leak in 207. If you call the gas for an emergency, they want to shut off gas to the whole building and do a full inspection of every unit.

Maintenance: You can wash your clothes with cold water, but anything that requires heat (stoves, dryers, showers) here uses gas. We should have the bulk of the work done tomorrow, Monday, although our plumber has a more pessimistic timeline of Thursday. He's saying a city inspection will be necessary, while the gas company says that's not required. Seven units are going to need valves replaced, which we were supposed to have done in a piecemeal fashion already.

CQ: Does this mean no meals until Thursday?

POI: We might be able to use Victor's unlimited pizza and our unspent food budget to provide food. Ideally cooks can help in various ways, but I don't want them to have to go through the reimbursement process unless it's necessary.

POI: A few years ago the gas was shut off for several weeks, and we ended up giving ourselves a rent abatement for that time. We might do it for a week this time. Look for an agenda item.

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