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September 22, 2019

Present: Lincoln (facilitator), Karen, Richard, Jamie, Ramona, Paul (minutes), Lydia, Ryan, Bernard, Philip, Wanda

Meet and Greet

No one for Meet & Greet.

Review of Minutes

Minutes not approved based on incoherent New Business language.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Ban Keith Turausky from the common areas of the coop.

Richard: We talked about this before, but tabled it at Ramona's request. Incidents have continued, and they've been obvious through walls.

Lydia: I've got nothing personal against anyone here, but I've heard incidents in the unit near me from 2-2:30 in the morning. When I'm woken up in the middle of the night and I hear sounds of abuse, I want to call the police. I feel like if this continues I'll have to. You deserve better than this.

Bernard: We've also heard sounds in my unit. We've been concerned about your safety - we've heard sounds of things breaking, scuffling. It's become an issue. He seems out of control, and he's not a member. I don't want him here, to protect you as a member. I don't know your bond with him, but it's been a constant ruckus.

Lincoln: What does it mean to ban someone?

Point of Interest: It means he wouldn't be allowed in the commons or the courtyard. He can go to individual units as invited, but he has to go straight through the public spaces. We don't ban people from individual units.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase

Agenda item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Allocate four hours of labor to the membership coordinator.

Richard: I talked to the membership coordinator - she's for it. We ask a lot from the MemCo, and it's sometimes hard to get people to sign up for it.

Paul: I supported this when I was MemCo, and it was shot down by the labor czar at the time, which was Richard.

Richard: You weren't doing as much. Rebecca's been dealing with situations that aren't perfectly captured by our rules, and that takes a lot of work. I'm a contributor to that stress, because I care about our process and want us to implement it well.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase

Agenda item passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 3

(Richard) The membership coordinator, maintenance coordinator, and labor czar may reallocate an hour of their own weekly labor credit in order to work with a one-hour-per-week assistant.

Richard: These are the 3 four-hour/week officer positions. At times these coordinators have wanted to split up their tasks. This will allow them to delegate and not have questions about whether they can do that.

Lydia: I feel like more officer positions could have this.

Richard: Let's start with these.

POI: Sounds positive.

Richard: One examples: I hated doing the labor report while I was labor czar. Hannah did it for a while but it was just an extra hour to her, and I still had all my labor czar hours. It was weird. Maintenance coordinator could delegate someone to babysit our contractors while they're here.

Paul: I thought about how to split up MemCo responsibilities like this. This is a good, flexible solution.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase

Agenda item passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 4

(Hannah) Permission to paint blue sky with butts mural design on Breezeway arch (facing Gault St.)

Richard: Hannah couldn't be here, but she's got a great track record with outdoor painting projects.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase

Agenda item passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 5

(Ryan) Buy 9 Tickets for La Reunion Members to go to the ACBA's Austin Cooperative Artist's Showcase on October 17th for $ 250 (prices on block tickets go up to $ 300 on the 30th)

Information: If you are an artist and want to show off your work, submissions are still open until the 15th. There will be an open bar and free food at this event.

If we approve, sometime before the event, but not at this meeting we will have to provide a list of 9 names to claim the tickets.

The facebook event is at :

Artist Submissions are at this google form:

Ryan: We're the ACBA, which is kind of a Chamber of Commerce for local co-ops. CHEA is a part of ACBA. We've got sponsors from Tito's & Blackstar Co-op. It's on a Thursday.

Paul: What's the process for deciding who goes?

Ryan: We have to decide who the 9 people are. We can add an amendment for that. Co-opers that submit art will get in for free, outside of the 9 tickets, since they're donating their art.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase

Friendly amendment: Make Lydia one of the nine.

Amendment passes.

Point of Interest: If I have a friend who wants to join, how much would that cost?

Ryan: Sixty dollars, I think.

Friendly amendment: Put Ryan in charge of distributing tickets.

Amendment passes.

Agenda item passes.

New business

POI: We've got a dead truck in the front parking lot. There's concrete in front of the tires so it doesn't roll into the street.

POI: It's a member's.

POI: We do have a two-vehicle limit for our members.

CQ: Who's going to talk to him?

Paul: I will.

POI: I've also seen a white vehicle whose owners do not live here. They don't even go across the street.

Clarifying question: Can we please get a “Tenants and Guests Only” sign?

CQ: Who's going to own that?

Richard: I will look up a thing.

CQ: McAllen said he wasn't doing his labor? Apparently he answers his email once a week?

POI: I plan on surprising him with an officer review.

CQ: Can we get a new mop-head?

POI: We should add it to the buy list.

CQ: Do we have a food buyer right now?

POI: Apparently he thought his replacement was coming back a week early. We need to talk to him or get someone else to do it.

Jamie: I can do it for the last week. I'll talk to him about it.

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