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September 15, 2019

Present: Lydia, Karen, Russ (facilitator),Rebecca, Christian (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Carmen, second meeting (approved)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

  • Added 9/1 changed associate policy (must have 4 weeks membership to get priority) to Membership Admission Priority.
  • Added 9/1 change to receipt policy (must turn in receipts and have them approved by expense bookkeeper and treasurer before member can get reimbursement to Turning In Receipts

Agenda Item 1

(Ryan) Buy 9 Tickets for La Reunion Members to go to the ACBA's Austin Cooperative Artist's Showcase on October 17th for $ 250 (prices on block tickets go up to $ 300 on the 20th)

Information: If you are an artist and want to show off your work, submissions are still open until the 15th. There will be an open bar and free food at this event.

If we approve, sometime before the event, but not at this meeting we will have to provide a list of 9 names to claim the tickets.

The facebook event is at :

Artist Submissions are at this google form:

Tabled due to lack of Quorum

Agenda Item 2

(Gatlin) Approve Vaidy's behavior contract:

“Will not exceed 5 gross no-show hours for regularly assigned labor in each of the three months starting September 22, 2019.”

Tabled due to lack of Quorum

New business

We had three candidates for an available room, and reviewed the rules regarding the choice of who would move in. Some people changed their availability. The candidate who was offered the room before those people gets priority.

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