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July 28, 2019

Present: Lydia, Karen, Rebecca (facilitator), Paul (minutes), Richard, Helen, Gatlin, Russ

Meet and Greet

Alaric (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

Membership coordinator updated contract end-dates.

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W A B X᠎ I

Agenda Item 1

(Hannah) Approve use of La Reunion's courtyard and interior Commons space by the SEAM Project, a community dance organization, the evenings of October 10-12.

Tabled due to absence of Hannah and also it's a coordinator's meeting.

Agenda Item 2

(automatic) Coordinator's meeting.

Membership Coordinator: We had three vacancies, they're all full now. We have people on the list who can take any spaces that fill up. I've been giving out the new member information forms.

Labor czar: First month. Old czar has been incredibly useful. Useful but surprisingly NOT complicated reports inherited from him. People have been constructive with feedback, I appreciate it. I've been putting up the schedules Monday morning; I'll start posting them Sundays instead.

POI (old czar): Monday morning should be fine. Sometimes people sign off on Sunday labor late too.

Bookkeeper (income): I've gotten 6-8 hours of training time from the old bookkeeper & the treasurer. I've got invoices going out on time. It's been challenging but fun.

POI (old bookkeeper): Do you still need training?

Bookkeeper: I've got a few other small questions, but I think we're mostly done. I think I'm going to be quite effective now.

Maintenance Coordinator: Pretty quiet. Summertime cockroaches? I've gotten reports from a few folks. Otherwise, just normal clogs and so on. I might get professional mold testing at some point. Oh, and Serene got a spoon stuck in the sink disposal.

New business

Helen's doing interviews with people that live in co-ops. Come chat with her sometime! 15 minutes or so.

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