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July 7, 2019

Present: Richard, Ryan (Facilitator), Lydia, Barak, Paul, Gatlin, Dave, Karen

Meet and Greet

Ryan- First Meeting (looking for a room, no pets or allergies)

Arin – First Meeting (looking for a room, no pets or allergies)

Regino – Second meeting (approved)

Kelly – Second meeting (approved)

Helen – Second meeting (approve)

Review of Minutes

Changing Heather to Helen

Change any mention of loan from JP Morgan Chase to Grant, not getting a Loan

Wiki Updates

No Update

Agenda Item 1

(automatic) Member review of Dave for accruing eight hours of no-shows over the course of June.

Poi: the time in question was the last two weeks of June.

Poi: this is the third time this has happen, but the second time was thrown out

Straw poll: Behavior contract wins

Vote on contract: standard contract 9-0-0

No more than 5 no show hours

New business

Chea board meeting July 22nd , new community board reps, and is a good time to meet them

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