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June 2, 2019

Present: Lydia, Richard, Serene, Burghess, Barak, Russ(facilitator), Chris (Minutes)

Meet and Greet

Lincoln (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

MInutes accepted

Wiki Updates

No Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Effective at the start of the new officer terms in July, combine income and expense bookkeeper back into a single position and allocate four hours to it.


Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Allocate four hours to the Labor Czar position.

Richard: labor czar can be a stressful job and it would be best to keep them from having to worry

Poi: We could still split the positions into two positions, for the schedule and for the no shows

Poi: I thought the position was already was 4 hours, this is something that has to deal with a lot of stress

Straw poll: Passed

Agenda Item 3

(Richard) Make Richard interim Steward until the end of the present term.

Straw poll: Passed Unanimously

New business

Currently, the La Reunion Manual is currently not in the Commons, it is in the unit 206.

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