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April 28, 2019

Present: Paul, Ramona, Karen, Nolan, Don, Vidy, Hannah, Rebecca, Barak, Corry ( facilitator ) , Richard, Christian(minutes), Russ, Yarrow, Ryan

Meet and Greet

Nobody New.

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted

Wiki Updates

No updates

Agenda Item 4

(Richard) Ban Keith T. from coop property.

Requested to be tabled

Summary: shouting late at night outside

Can’t ban from your unit but it would ban from public areas

Poi: I have known it for years and I was hoping we could avoid banning


Agenda Item 3

(Richard) Either the Steward or Membership Coordinator may issue a temporary, emergency ban of a non-member from house property, lasting until a proposal for a formal ban is decided upon at a house meeting. The officer issuing an emergency ban must email the house mailing list with the name and a physical description of the person as well as reasons why the person was banned.

Poi wording set that this ban would hold until the point a meeting is held

Poi I think this should mad ate to be added as agenda item

Amendment: ban last no longer than it was herd, so they can have shorter bans and also it must be added to the next agenda

Poi was worried that if one of these people can’t be found then they wouldn’t fell they could ask them to leave

Poi would think we could still be able to call the police

Poi I would think a ban would be as if the person ban would be considered trespassing

Poi for the person in question for agenda item 3, I am sorry about the incident and I don’t need a coop if anyone feels uncomfortable, I can ban him from coming to my unit

Agenda Item 1

(Barak) Member review of Antonio (18.5 / 10 no-show hours over a 2-month period)

Member review of Bernard (17.5 / 10 no-show hours over a 2-month period)

Member review of Brandon (18.5 / 10 no-show hours over a 2-month period)

MemberreviewofRamona(11 / 10 no-show hours over a 2-month period)

Member review of Emma (8.5 / 8 no-show hours over a 1-month period)

Member review of Yarrow (12 / 8 no-show hours over a 1-month period)


Labor I think his straight forward he does the work, but I have no signature

Bernard- I have had no contact from him about how to fix this only threating notes

Poi the requirements to sign was internally changed, silently changed

Labor I left the instruction out in the open everyone is held to the same standard

Poi I can see there is a long history between you, and as labor assistant

Poi did you

Labor I left it there for people

Poi But how did you let them know that they need to change things

Labor I don’t understand how no one can go to the board and look for their labor

Poi once that the new system is been put in place a bunch of people missed the requirements, I think it is a problem with the system or the communication

Facilitator we will save the debate for the officer review

Vote: No action wins by majority


Poi can we table all the other reviews that have cook tabled

Labor don’t know those of the top of my head I don’t have my no-show report in front of me

Poi can we table all of them

Poi can you get the report

Poi If you assign labor to someone how are they supposed to know what they have

Labor It’s all posted

Poi you can’t just do that without see what their work schedule is, you need to see when they are available

Poi I don’t think that has ever happened before

Poi Richard did for me

Poi {asking Richard} you approached each person individually?

Richard I didn’t have to do it all at once, as new people would come in I would given them all a survey

Poi the labor czar has the

Facilitator we need to save it for the labor


Poi do your roommates [asking Bernard] know that they need to do labor [roommates Antonio and Brandon]

Labor do we not expect people to read the labor board

Poi they have to be told it is a requirement they don’t come with that knowledge

Poi we do need to have people do the work otherwise

Vote straw poll no action wins by majority


Facilitator we have talked about him already

Vote straw poll


At 11 of 10 hours necessary for member review

RamonaIhavebeen working to do some makeup hours [2.5]

Poi think we should table this to have for the next week

Poi not show shows 7 of 10 hours,

Labor that sheet doesn’t include labor holiday so that pushed her over

Poi even including the makeup hours she is in danger of the

Stawpoll; no action wins by majority but strongly worded advice to plan for labor schedule


Emma my dad showed up by surprise on the labor holiday and I wasn’t going to tell him to go away

Poi sosameasRamona?

Poi you want to weed the front?

Emma yeah

Stawpoll no action wins by majority but strongly worded advice to plan for labor schedule


Labor had 12 no shows in the last month

Poi with her here and this pattern we should discuss this

Yarrow I did forget to sign off for DCU

Poi does this labor not work well with my schedule and I am used to everyone

Yarrow I have also been having trouble with class, and mental health issues where I have come downstairs and broken down

Poi I was wanting a reminder of the health labor exemption

Poi it is usually for hospital stays

Poi but I think if you can’t get out of bed it might count in this case

Poi about three hours would you able to do that?

Yarrow If it was something, I could enjoy but I hate having to ask for that

Poi well you could rethink your labor and if you find something you are interested in that could do that as your labor if it helps the coop

Yarrow well I was thinking about making a coop library for people to barrow books

Poi you could also buddy up with some to do labor together

Yarrow okay and to make up labor will work with [labor] on a plan

Poi I was worried about taking a unilateral desertion on metal health

Poi we can either take it at face value or not

Strawpoll no action wins by majority

Agenda Item 2

(Richard, Paul, Bernard) Officer review of Barak as Labor Czar

  • Failure to notify members of internal policy changes (signature requirements, etc.)
  • Failure to maintain a functioning labor board in the Commons
  • Failure to post member reviews for most of term
  • Failure to plan for Labor Holiday
  • Improper accounting of labor credit hours and no-shows
  • Knowingly posting invalid member reviews
  • Assigning labor to members without regard to work and other conflicts
  • Attempting to personally levy fines against members

Poi I think we have herd in abundance that about the changes with the policy

Labor I did change to how it worked for signature I didn’t know that it was a change to require signature I figured that it would be the logical step to take, I figured that it was easy just to come down to check their labor

poi nowhere in the rules does it state I have to come down every day check the rules

poi I feel that there has be a firehose of information has thrown at us and I feel like it poorly worded I didn’t know I needed read competition to live here

poi we have also been waiting for the now show free form sheet

labor I did get overwhelmed with the schedule, so I had enlisted the help of Hannah to update the board and I neglected to tell her to include the free form no show sheet

Hannah I will do that now

poi we have also been waiting for the No show reports for month

labor they are here now

poi you also said you would post them for the next week two weeks ago

labor I didn’t want to post them on a Thursday for a Sunday meeting

poi you said you had forgot

labor yes

poi given the length of the time between each of the of the no shows and the report would be enough to be considered for a no show

poi offices have been no showed before for not submitting reports

poi no labors where posted for the labor holiday other than for the

labor this the weakest point of all of them I said

poi he said it was planned ahead of time, but I didn’t know but a few days before I could not take the time off work

poi was confused about the labor holiday because I thought we would have a sign up but I was worried about my no shows

poi normally we would have a board for suggestions

poi was there a board for that?

poi not this time

poi I kept waiting for the info on what it would be done, and I just came down the day off and find stuff

poi I think this a learning experience

poi I think scheduling is only the first point not the full scheduling

poi I feel this has been a bit nitpicky, we can’t hold them to a gold standard, we ask a lot of them

poi was waiting for a conversation about it I wanted to help

poi next point: knowing posting invalid member review,

I went for you to check on Bernard’s no shows

Labor I must have forgotten the conversation

Poi it also looks like targeted harassment I just know you aren’t because it has been in Plainview

Labor I was putting most of my work on email and I feel anyone is handicapping themselves by not having email

Poi you are withholding information from members

Poi I was told at the end of my last term as labor that is was none functional and I think that since you took of it has become less functional, I think part of the problem is you have taken off 6 hours of labor, I think you should also be communication with people off of email

Labor I think you are right when you the best argument is that for me to be not labor czar is that I am over extended, I have tried to cobble together my best effort since I became labor czar to not just maintain the status quote but push the envelope to a system that has not existed here before and in hindsight that was probably over ambitious, I thought maybe by deluging the membership with a bunch of new ideas they would become inspired enough to rally around what I had come up with and maybe adopt it as their own but I think I misjudged the character of this house, it's much more actuarial in concern with mitigating risk than it is with, ya know, boldly accepting different ways of doing things and it's probably best that I'm not labor czar anymore, it's been a hard and a stressful experience and I'm particularly interested in continuing in it

Poi was able to get all of my info without getting email so I think it is wrong to say he only

Poi I am worried about the rate of change with this I cannot keep up

Poi I did know that removal would be a possibility for an office review but mostly this is to provide feedback, and of everything here seems to be a problem with communication and that people are having trouble what is going on if there was better communication I believe that we wouldn’t be needing this meeting

Poi I think you have worked the hardest in the last month of pretty much anything

Vote to do extend the meeting passed

Poi the feedback seems to be ignored, communication I agree is a portion of it

Labor I can’t really promise I will get any better, I will be working on ctap, 40 work week, and I have a research positions, I don’t think I can keep up, I don’t mean to be disremitory with email but I think officers are held at an unreasonable standard that they must sorr above and the regular member won’t meet them half way

Poi I don’t want people to sugarcoat this and make it look like, if you had too much on your plate you shouldn’t have take both, if you wanted to change the rules you should make your communication

People have labor that they don’t know about and they are getting no shows over things they don’t know are their labor, I don’t think we should baby him, he had problems with the that survey that said if you don’t do that survey, that he would no show you

Poi when you are at a coop you have to cooperate and I don’t fault you for wanting to improve things, we all have difference schedules we are all difference ages, but you also seem to think you know better than anyone, [previous labor] is subtle he wasn’t going to bang you over they he saying ‘ you herd what said right’ when you came in an started changing things, I was on my toes about it

Poi Gatlin has volunteered to be labor czar

Poi I thought he {referring to labor} said he was resigning

Facilitator are you resigning

Labor no but if I am voted out I will happily accept

[labor leaves]

Poi I think we should wait on the election

Poi I feel the position has been abandoned

Poi I feel the labor has been getting done more often and it looks like people seem to take it more seriously

Poi are we sure that it was the new system was the reason for the change in labor or just that some people who weren’t doing labor

Stawpoll to remove labor czar majority by paper ballot pass

Paper ballot needs 75% to pass

Did not pass

Agenda Item 5

(Hannah) Call Mary from ROC to answer questions about CTAP project at 7:30.


New business


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