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April 14, 2019

Present: Hannah(facilitator), Ryan, Barrack, Paul, Corry, Don,Giselle, Christian (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Nobody new.

Review of Minutes

Minutes Approved.

Wiki Updates

No updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Barak) Discussion item: I have drafted new language for LaRe's house rules on several topics related to the labor system. This meeting should be used to discuss and refine this language as a group so that superior versions of these drafts can be voted on and adopted at a future meeting.

Labor No shows have built up in excess of over 100 for some and I am look for a way to prevent this in the future

I don’t want to force the people on this decision

Poi I have seen people prioritize their labor only when there have been consequences

Labor I do see a way out of this as I haven’t been operating in a constant way and if we can come to a consensus and we should be able to come to a

Went from aggressive no shows to nearly no oversite

I thought I was voted into be very strict and people couldn’t keep up but now it looks like might be that many labor no shows haven’t been reported

Poi I think that people are going to need to know that something happens when they don’t do labor

Labor: I am worried when people see the amount people will be after me and I am just the messenger

Poi then we need to have it clear that people that feel it is unfair they need to come to a meeting

Poi we are also starting a new system and we can’t change how we have it work in the middle of changing how it works

Labor I think we do need to make some rules clear like ‘no signature equals to a now show’, I think we should have it where it does mean a no show so that we don’t have a double standard, otherwise it will be a problem with no showing someone

I also think we need to change from ‘no show’ to ‘incomplete’ that way we can dock for partial amount of the labor rather than for the full amount for every offence

And to split the labor czar into two labor positions because it has two spheres of influence between labor positions (both normal work and labor holidays) and enforcement

And to create more room for the labor chart as it is too cramped for some work and to include extra work over

If we could do all of this I could revert the no shows and justify removing the member reviews

Poi I say we keep no show and add incomplete because there is a difference

Poi labor reviews make sense, but it does make it more complicated

Poi I know that incompletes have been induced from time to time, and member review haven’t been determined for each of this

poi I was wondering what info you needed

labor I was wondering weather or not post the no shows or to take the items proposed and

poi We should have the no shows posted

labor would everyone be ready to do the member reviews for next week

Agenda Item 2

(Hannah) Discuss ROC partnership and project in anticipation of vote on GMM (see e-mail for more information.)

Poi we have gotten a grant form JP Morgan through ROC for ~$200,000 for the purchases of the mobile homes

we will need to put up some money for the hiring of an agent to start the process

we will be having a vote for both accepting the Ctap membership and board expansion of each on May 19th

Poi: would the new mobile home have their own votes?

Poi not with us they would have a vote on their own accord

Poi wouldn’t that have some connection to us

Poi the only connection we have is on the individual who would be teaching them how to set up their coop

Poi okay I was only trying to make sure that we didn’t have influence on their work or their finance

New business

La reunion birthday next Saturday

Need some for grill duty

And same day will be the labor holiday makeup day

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