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March 3, 2019

Present: Barrack (facilitator), Paul, Richard, Karen, Corry, Vaidy, Christian(minutes)

Meet and Greet

Jill (second meeting, accepted), Sunny (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Barak) Automatic member review of Paul (11.5 hours no-show over two month period).

Paul - The no shows were inaccurate it was actually 10.5, not 11.5 and with the annulment it brings it to 9

Tabled due to agenda item 6

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Discuss large maintenance expenditure for coop-wide pest control.

Maintenance – change to a month subscription that would be cheaper over all than the current plan of calling per visit, also sealing the Coop from the outside, and screening openings, the subscription is $1800 starting and average 150 a month. Also, commons bathtub needs to replace valves 800,

Poi - but we may be do it cheaper for us to do it ourselves, replacing valve stems

Agenda Item 3

(Barak) The CHEA Board is strongly interested in amending our Bylaws in order to permit recruiting non-resident specialists to the Board. The CHEA Board is currently seeking two additional members with knowledge of real estate and community development. Discussion item.

Barak - ROC USA is recommending for CTAP certification for us to get two more specialists to our board, the CHEA board is interested insofar as to get CTAP certification

Poi- as we already have one outside specialist maybe we can negotiate one extra specialist

Poi – what will the specialist gain for holding this position, the members of CHEA live in the coop their benefit is that the if the coop will do will they benefit

Poi- why not hired advisors? They will have something to benefit that we

Barak - they might not be voting members, it wasn’t clear on if they will vote only to explain the board, but I will bring this up at the next CHEA board meeting, but we will probably have to explain in some way

Barak - Mary from ROC USA is strongly suggesting we do this, and I wanted to bring up the idea so to hear opinion before CHEA has a chance to vote on it

Agenda Item 4

(Hannah) Updated wiki in House Manual section ( to read:

The last meeting of every month is designated for officer reports. All officers are required to give a monthly report on their activities as required by the current standing rules. Time will be allotted for meet & greet of prospective members at the beginning of the meeting, as well as a review of last meeting's minutes and wiki updates. The house may consent to hear emergency agenda items during this meeting [HM 2-24-19] .

POI- we did discuss this before in a previous meeting, this is just to clarify the wording

Poi – this is usually to be for the wiki updates section

Update accepted

Agenda Item 5

(Paul) Annul no-shows for February bookkeeper late fines, because this work has been done.


Agenda Item 6

(Paul) Annul no-show for my 2/23 “BCU” labor. This labor lacks description, lacked a brunch that day, and neatly matched the extra 1.5 hours of labor that I was assigned every week for the two-month period I'm being reviewed for, bringing me to 5.5 hours total/week.

Paul - I was assigned was 5.5 labor hours a week and was doing the work for 4 hours necessary and I wasn’t able to do the extra time.

Labor- This is what you were assigned with the previous schedule I was persevering that schedule

Previous Labor – this was because he was interim bookkeeper, should have been change when he became bookkeeper

Item Passed

New business

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