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February 24, 2019

Present: Barak, Lydia, Richard (facilitator), Karen, Paul (minutes), McAllen, Cory, Vaidy

Meet and Greet

Chelsea (first meeting), Young (first meeting)

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted.

Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

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Agenda Item 1

(Barak) Designate the last Sunday of every month as an officer meeting, where officers are required to give a monthly report on their activities as required by the current standing rules. Time will still be allotted for meet & greet.

Barak: We discussed this last week, and this seemed more acceptable to people than weekly officer meetings, so I put it on the agenda. This wouldn't take effect until the end of March, since today is the last Sunday of this month.

Concerns / amendments phase

Amendment suggested: People should be able to propose emergency items for that weekly meeting.

CQ: Can anyone request emergency meetings?

POI: Just officers.

Amendment language: The house should also do minutes and wiki updates. The house may consent to hear emergency agenda items during this meeting.

Amendment passes.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Barak) Reimbursement for the purchase of laminate labor schedule and wet-erase markers for the house.

Barak: I'm asking for $37.28.

POI: Sounds like office supplies.

POI: There's language in our rules that officers need approval for purchases larger than $250. I think this is just fine.

Concerns / amendments phase

Item passes.

New business

Maintenance report: Just started as maintenance. Mostly throwing money at problems so far; we're doing well on cash for the fiscal year. Cory has reinstalled our keybox. Pest control came out. We have a family of opposums. We may have rats/mice too.

CQ: I got rugs for the bare concrete, but concrete staining is nice. We'd have to pull up the carpet glue.

Maintenance: We can fund the supplies, if you want to spend a few weekends doing that.

Maintenance: I think we swapped all fire alarms/CO detectors batteries at the same time last year, so they're all getting beepy. We'll be going door-door to offer replacement batteries.

Maintenance: Once we control these pests, I'll tackle the outdoor lighting.

Board member: We're waiting on our ROC-USA certification. CHEA will be able to convert mobile home communities into cooperatives. Hopefully by the end of 2019 that will be a reality, so that's exciting. The board is also trying to make anti-racism a core tenant of housing here. Hopefully we'll be having meetings at the house level about that soon.

Labor czar: I created the labor board to make my life easier and to make laborers' lives easier. I'm not trying to penalize anyone for not understanding the new schedule; I think it's intuitive. I can suspend no-show reports until people are used to it. I'm trying to be very open to feedback.

POI: It seems hard to sign off on two things on the same day.

Labor czar: Maybe I can upgrade the same schedule to accommodate that. I just wrote really small.

POI: No-showing for one of three jobs is tricky for similar reasons.

POI: There's also neither room to write no-show reasons, nor room to write flex/floating labor down.

Labor czar: The thing that's most troubling to me is that lots of people aren't signing for labor, which I'm pretty sure they're doing, and I don't want to be mass no-showing.

Former labor czar: I accepted late signatures on request; that helps good-faith signature-missing.

Labor czar: All right. I did this re-do of the labor system so maybe we can get weekly labor reports.

Former labor czar: Can we add back the free-floating no-show sheet?

POI: Hey McAllen, wanna be Interim Grounds Coordinator?

McAllen: Sure.

POI: I'll let the Steward know, and she can appoint you.

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