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February 10, 2019

Present: Barak, Corey, Christian, Ramona, Paul (minutes), Hannah (facilitator)

Meet and Greet

Hans Raj (first meeting), Eidan (second meeting, accepted)

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Wiki Updates

No updates.

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New business

Labor czar: I plan to add an agenda item to require officers to make weekly updates to the house either in email or in the meeting, and require sign-offs from the Steward. This is intended to make the system more transparent.

POI: I agree that officers could be more accountable. We do have a new system of automatically no-showing officers if they don't make their month's report. Maybe we could see how that system shakes out.

Labor czar: I wasn't aware of that, but I think monthly reports are too sparse. Most people don't see what officers are doing on a weekly basis.

Events coordinator: I mean, my weekly update might just be, “There's an event on X date.” for weeks in a row.

Labor czar: That's fine.

POI: We could add a form for coordinators to make their report in the meeting wiki page, like we have an agenda form right now.

Labor czar: I'm also making a better version of the big schedule charts, which should be ready by next week.

Maintenance: I took apart the bad washer. Looks like some powder detergent got inside and fried a circuit board that is no longer manufactured. Might be a scavenge to find a replacement.

Events: I think it would be fun to have some short story reading groups. I found a book of short stories and I thought other Reunionistas might be interested. It's sci-fi surrealism about race in the US. It's called Friday Black. I know there's another member who does book groups. I'd like a few more people to be interested before I make it a thing.

POI: Book People and the library already have reading groups. But they have craft groups too, and I think we should have craft parties sometimes.

POI: Maybe we could have a Bob Ross painting party.

POI: Sounds like there's general interest in a sort of “media potluck” event. I'll see what I can arrange.

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