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November 18, 2018

Present: Ryan (facilitator), Richard, Davionne, Dave, Andrew, Paul (minutes), Bernard, Russ, Serene

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates

No wiki updates.

Agenda Item 1

(Ryan) Discuss criteria users want to see from a potential new payments system.

Ryan: Sasona wants to do online payments. Right now their payments are going into our bank account. We want to update that system so they can get their payments. I want to get people's feedback on what people want from an online system.

Dave: What about Venmo?

Ryan: Venmo is only for personal accounts. We can't do that.

Richard: Why can't they just get their own account?

Ryan: It would be easier to set up a new system. There's issues with the current system - it's hard to pay for other people, it's hard for some people to find the email notification.

Ryan: It works. We've got to have your email, we've got to add it to QuickBooks, you've got to see it and pay it.

CQ: Paypal?

Ryan: 2.9% fee, and I've heard it's very difficult to set up a non-profit PayPal account.

Ryan: It's 50 cents for an e-check, but PayPal would still have that fee. Serene found another system designed for landlords - free payments, and the resident pays the credit card fee if they can't do bank payments. We can look at Stripe, Square, other known systems.

POI: I just want a simple system from my end.

Ryan: OK, just giving an update and hearing feedback.

CQ: Would this become a mandatory system?

Ryan: You'd still be able to pay by check. Please never pay in cash.

CQ: What happened with Sasona?

Ryan: I set them up a test system using our accounts, and told them to test it out and make a plan. They kind of skipped the planning stage and set up people to pay into our system. They haven't asked us for reimbursement money yet … But it'd be easier to switch to another system and let them use our old accounts.

Agenda Item 2

(automatic) Member review of Brian for accruing 11.5 no-shows in June.

Richard: I wasn't able to contact Brian for the member review. Corey never gave him the contract for his last member review, which included a no-show cap. He has done no labor since the last member review, which wasn't about labor.

CQ: So that broke a rule?

Richard: It violated the behavior contract he never signed. I brought it up with him and he acknowledged that he has done no labor. That would've been in September.

Andrew: I talked to him this week and he mentioned he does his courtyard clean. He said that he sweeps, puts out the recycling, and throws out the cigarettes, and “doesn't know what else to do.”

Richard & Bernard: We did have a discussion right after the last member review where he said he didn't have any questions about how to do labor.

Andrew: He did tell me he does his labor but doesn't know where to sign off.

Richard: He has a commons clean, two courtyard cleans, and a trash patrol.

Richard: So I try to make sure that we're not reviewing someone who wasn't contacted or has a job conflict.

Serene: He was outside last night complaining about it. He knows about the member review. He made an active decision not to be here tonight.

Richard: He had a previous member review and one of the terms was to do his labor.

Straw poll.

Straw poll in favor of eviction/member revocation.


Vote is unanimous in favor of eviction.

CQ: What's the timeframe here?

POI: Usually for labor we just give 30 days notice.

Agenda Item 3

(automatic) Member review of Davionne for accruing 13 no-shows in July.

Richard: The threshold's ten hours in a month.

Davionne: I do small labors around here.

Richard: You've got assigned labor.

Davionne: You told me maintenance and I never got any assignments.

Richard: Well, this is your first review, so we can give you the standard behavior contract, which is to not exceed 5 no-shows for several months. We can make sure you understand how to check your labor at that point.

Davionne: It's cold, raining, I'm not doing much.

Richard: We can accommodate if you're averse to cold weather.

Dave: Let's trade, because I've got all indoor labor.

Davionne: I've contributed some items to the co-op.

Richard: Let's give you three hours for that.

Richard: Let's do the standard labor contract: no more than 5 gross no-shows per month for three months.

Straw poll is unanimous for behavior contract.

Standard labor contract: no more than 5 gross no-shows per month for three months.

Richard: I'll make sure to show you how to check the labor on the corkboard.

POI: Remember to sign off on the labor too, or you'll still get no-showed even if you did the labor. We can show you where to sign-off too.

Richard: I'll also accept late notice if you forgot to sign off. Just email me.

Agenda Item 4

(automatic) Member review of Dave for accruing 12 no-shows in July.

Dave: I've got a question about labor timing.

Richard: Most of the labor's not time-sensitive, and just needs to be done that day.

Richard: Usually when someone's not doing any labor I ask if they still want to be a member here.

Dave: I do want to stay here. I know I've been a bad member. I don't have an excuse. I can check the labor a lot more.

Ryan: Standard labor contract.

Straw poll is unanimous for behavior contract.

Standard labor contract: no more than 5 gross no-shows per month for three months.

New business

Serene: Paul is the new interim income bookkeeper!

Russ: Vaidy's guest's dog pooped on the front sidewalk, and he was standing right there. I talked to Vaidy's roommate and she said she'd talk to him, but the poop is still out there. It was a large pile, very noticeable, but someone stepped in it and made it worse.

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