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August 1, 2018

Present: Sarah(facilitator), Nolan, Richard, Rebecca(minutes), Yarrow, Serene, Paul, Corey

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


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Agenda Item 1

(Redacted) Ban Lauren S (formerly Lauren K) and Steven S from the property and any social media run by the co-op.



In favor: 8

Opposed: 1


Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Make dinner time 7pm on all days it occurs.

I'm actually going to table this based on the fact that some people who cook dinner for us might be negatively affected by this. But after checking with our cooks it would be nice to have all dinners at the same time to save on confusion.

New business

Bike Wrangler: There's finally a coop bike, it's the Gary Fisher that's over by 103, so that's available for folks to use as they please.

Labor: I'm almost caught up with no-shows, and next week we get to do a lot of mem reviews.

New business

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