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April 22, 2018

Present: Meiling, Serene, Richard, Rebecca (facilitator), Gatlin, Paul (minutes), Nolan

Meet and Greet

Walter (second meeting, approved), Karen (second meeting, approved), David (second meeting, approved).

Review of Minutes

Lack of minutes approved; appropriate sanctions on the Steward applied.

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Agenda Item 1

(Gatlin) Approve behavior contracts for Bernard and Barak.

Steward: I added a term for Barak's for six months, to match Bernard's and what we've done in the past.

<lists behavior contract item as discussed in member reviews>

Unanimously approved.

Agenda Item 2

(Gatlin) 1) Discuss Wednesday meetings; 2) Vote to permanently hold meetings on Wednesdays, with the next meeting being Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

Gatlin: We've been doing a Wednesday experiment for a while. I like Wednesdays better, and I've heard from others that it works better for them. Let me know if people feel strongly about Sunday.

Point of interest: I'd like to clarify the time as 8 pm, since there's been some confusion about it.

POI from MemCo: I'm in support of this.

Concerns / amendments

Friendly Amendment to clarify that the Wednesday dinner is at 7:30, meeting at 8 pm.

POI: I have a problem with this. I don't want meetings to run to 10 pm. The meeting schedule from Sunday - meal at 6:30, meeting at 7 pm.

Friendly amendment replaced: Wednesday meal will be at 7 pm, meeting starts at 7:30 pm. The cut-off to add to the agenda will be Monday at noon. The cut-off for the Steward to post the agenda will be Tuesday at noon. Sunday dinner will remain at 6:30 pm.

Amendment approved.

Item approved.

Agenda Item 3

(Nolan) Ban Marley's former friends from the property for littering, disrupting quiet enjoyment, potential property damage, and other transgressions.

Nolan: This is not about Marley, who is not responsible for any of this behavior. I can't physically describe his former friends. They were banging on his door loudly and they told me to “shut my gay ass up.” I've been told that they littered, that they've insulted other people, that they were involved in the “egg incident” of a few months ago. I would like to see them not welcome here unless they apologize like they mean it.

POI: I believe we're talking about Dadrian and Elijah.

POI: Marley asked them to stop knocking on his door. I've seen them throw firecrackers near people and things, and they were disrepectful to me - one asked to light his firecracker on my cigarette. They don't add anything positive here. Marley's window has been graffiti'd. I don't know if it was them but it makes sense as a targeted thing.

Nolan: This does not prevent Marley from going to their places or inviting them into his unit. It's not trying to limit any friendship he wants to have with them, it's just to prevent them from freely wandering the property.

POI: Melissa doesn't want them banned; she wants to try to talk sense to them. Do we have names here? These claims seem directed at an amorphous group of adolescents.

POI: I'm happy that this conversation is happening. Supporting Nolan in this is important. And I know who they are.

Concerns / amendments

Concern: Possibility of reprisals. Who's enforcing the ban? We don't know that the two people we're discussing are responsible for everything.

Amendment to specify names: Dadrian and Elijah.

Amendment passes.

Item approved.

New business

Steward: Finally going to run that election.

Maintenance: We've been stood up by our drain guy several times. He won't even invoice me. We'll have to find a new plumber.

Labor czar: No-show reports going out. We'll probably have some automatic member reviews coming out of some people's no-shows.

Labor czar: Labor Holiday on May 12th! Mark your calendars! We want to finish the commons, paint the fence. Let us know - email the list or the labor czar - if you have great labor ideas or want to do unit work!

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