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January 14, 2018

Present: Corey, Richard, Paul (minutes), Serene (facilitator), Maximo, David

Meet and Greet

Josephine, first meeting, and Nicki, first meeting.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Amend requirement for financial officers to report to the house within 24 hours upon utilizing paid accountant consulting services to a requirement that they include utilization in their monthly reports.

Richard: We don't need to scrutinize every announcement and question they ask of their services. I think they'll be more likely to follow a monthly reporting rule, too.

CQ: We've never had an instance of this reporting?

POI: It was only introduced mid-December.

Comment from finance officer: I thought this was introduced because of the other house, and wasn't aware of a 24-hour reporting requirement. I endorse this change.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase.

Passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Members with children under the age of 18 living with them full-time may opt to receive a labor credit of one hour per child, up to a maximum of two hours.

Richard: We now imminently have two families living here. Co-ops are often student-derived for young single people, and we should work for people in other life situations. We've gotten concerns that this discriminates against childless people - I don't think that's a legitimate concern.

POI: I already thought this was a thing. As far as discrimination, I see this as the co-op recognizing a need for accomodation.

CQ: What does full-time mean?

POI: If they have sole custody, if the child is a resident.

CQ: For an hour per child, up to two?

POI: Yep.

CQ: And optional.

POI: Yes. I fully expect someone to opt out, too.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase.

Concern: Can the labor budget handle it?

Labor Czar: Yeah we'll be fine.


Agenda Item 3

(Rebecca) Ban Maranda and Tammy.

Rebecca: Besides hurting the co-op with her non-payment and behavior, she's been coming around often.

CQ: Non-payment of rent and what else?

POI: The non-payment of rent, the thefts and the assault.

POI: Tammy is already banned. Maranda has a friendship with some people here. This ban wouldn't stop her from coming over to hang out with them, but this would prevent her from loitering in the courtyard and so forth.

POI: There's definitely precedent for this, banning them from the common areas because of antisocial behaviors.

Concerns / friendly amendments phase.

CQ: What legal powers does this have?

POI: They're trespassing, and we can call the police.

CQ: Was Tammy with Maranda?

POI: Just Maranda, last time I saw her.

POI: I feel awkward banning someone over this.

POI: I was there for this encounter. She talked about my genitals in a degrading way, and hanging outside the windows of a unit where there have been thefts.

POI: That would be considered sexual harassment if the genders were reversed.

Passes unanimously.

New business

Guy who passed the item saying the arcade cabinet had to be worked on by a time already passed: I, uh, notice that arcade cabinet's still there.

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