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December 31, 2017

Present: Yarrow, Richard(facilitator), Rebecca(minutes), Meiling, Alex, Corey, Serene

Meet and Greet

Meiling, possibly wants to become an associate and then possibly a member, has a cat

Review of Minutes

there was no meeting last week.

Wiki Updates

no updates

Agenda Item 1

(Paul) Considering that we usually take about a month to run an election, change “week” to “month” in the election rule:

“If less than a week remains in the term when a position is vacated, no special election is called.”

Paul's agenda item: Change “week” to “month” in election rule. This makes the steward not obligated to run a special
election if there's less than a week left in the election term.
Since it ususally takes 2 weeks to do an election it doesn't really make sense.
Questions, concerns, amendments?
Y: That means we could go without a position being filled for a month?
R: Usually we elect an interim.

New business

Yarrow: Anyone want cookies?

R: Hannah and I were supposed to get the no show report out, but with Hannah being gone and me bricking
two of my computers, I intend to present everyone their no shows as a new years gift.

We are showing 2 movies tonight.

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