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December 17, 2017

Present: Richard (facilitator), Gatlin, Serene, Paul (minutes), Rebecca, Tanis, David M, Maximo

Meet and Greet

Grigor, first meeting.
Ken, first meeting.

Review of Minutes

Not posted! Flog the minutes-taker from last week.

Wiki Updates

No updates.

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Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Restore Events Coordinator back to three hours of labor credit, starting at the new term.

Richard: Hannah was dedicated to labor czar and taking events coordinator less intensely. I don't remember whether it was a temporary thing or not.

POI: It was not temporary, and I support this motion.

Move to concerns/amendments phase.

Agenda item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Gatlin) Discuss hosting NP board meeting at one of our houses. Here's what Daniel Miller sent us:

“The meeting would be some weekend between last weekend of June and the first weekend of August. The board members are still filling out a scheduling poll to find the date the most people are available for.

Typically, there would be 10-15 guests, including staff. Board members expect that they might be sleeping on the floor of a coop's spare living room or something similar, and generally bring sleeping pads and such. IIRC, the last time this happened in Austin it meant about half of those people slept in Sasona's TV room and the other half in the side rooms of LaRe's commons.”

Gatlin: Far in advance, I just wanted to let everyone know and discuss it. What do we feel about 10-15 people? We could also open up individual units, on a purely elective basis, of course.

POI: I'm for it. They're all cooperative people, and we have enough space in the commons to do it.

POI: We've even got extra pads in the closet.

Discussion item finishes.

Agenda Item 3

(Gatlin / Barak) On recommendation of the board: clarify in the descriptions of house financial officers that they have a responsibility to consult with the CHEA staff members before directly asking questions of our corporate accountants, if applicable.

Gatlin: There were concerns that house finance officers were asking questions of our accountants, who charge $60/hr. 6-4 hours in Aug/Sept, 12 each in Oct/Nov, last month it was 17 hours. House financial officers need to use internal resources first.

POI: Does Ryan know about this?

Bookkeeper: I'd like to learn more and make sure I'm doing it correctly.

Gatlin: This came up trying to resolve some old meeting issues. If you aren't an expert user of QuickBooks, just about any question that Corey could answer shouldn't go to the accountants.

POI: I remember the meeting where we opened this issue and I'm glad it's getting closed.

Move to concerns/amendments phase.

Friendly amendment: Where it says CHEA staff members also say house or CHEA financial officers.

Amendment accepted.

Friendly amendment: Require that financial officers report to the house within 24 hours when they utilize paid accountant consulting services.

Amendment accepted.

Agenda item passes.

New business

David M: We might be able to do a complete property inspection this Friday. We need to be able to access every unit and every door. Not confirmed for Friday. NASCO/Daniel Miller is paying for the building inspection as preventative maintenance.

Serene: I'd like to make it known that my cat cannot be lost in such an inspection.

David M: We'll try to accommodate everyone, we just need access.

POI: I guess don't leave anything laying around that you don't want a stranger to see.

Discussion about creating a keymaster position.

Labor Czar: If you're going to be gone, you probably have holiday labor you can take. Send labor an email so you don't get no-showed unnecessarily.

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