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December 10, 2017


Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) A member may only accept multiple nominations for elected officer positions if those positions' labor obligations sum to no more than five hours. If at the end of a nomination period a member has accepted nominations totalling more than four hours, the member is disqualified from running in that election.

If a member is nominated for more than five hours of officer positions in the present election, they shall be given the option of withdrawing from a sufficient number of contests to fall below the limit.

Accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Joshua) Allow a payment plan for Joshua.

Accepted with amendment of paying $153/month for five months.

Agenda Item 3

(Richard, Gatlin, Hannah) Member review of David G for:

  • Groping another member
  • Making racially disparaging remarks about other members

- Straw poll resulted in consideration of eviction.

- Secret-ballot vote resulted in 10 for eviction, 1 against.

- David to be given a notice to vacate by Dec 26, 2017.

Agenda Item 4

(david m/Nolan/Sara) Maintenance team is requesting approval from the house to bring a proposal to CHEA to hire a part time maintenance person.

Accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 5

(David M) Allow one month for whoever is working on the arcade in the dining room to finish rebuilding it or move it to their personal unit.

Accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 6

(Paul) Recreate mediator position with similar language to what existed previously. This is an elected position.

Mediator (0 hours, double labor credit when performed)

* Mediate disputes upon request. If the dispute is between roommates, work with them to develop or add to a roommate agreement.

* Work with participants to resolve the issue(s) and reach agreement between the parties.

* Respect the confidentiality of mediated discussions.

* If the mediator cannot adopt a neutral stance in mediated disputes, the mediator should recuse themselves and suggest another mediator.

* A member in a dispute can request another mediator. If the mediator is not acceptable to one of the disputing parties, suggest another mediator.

* If a suitable replacement mediator cannot be found in-house, work to find one from outside. This may require a house request if money is needed.

* Work with other officers as necessary.

- Accepted by consensus.

New business

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