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November 19, 2017

Present: Paul (minutes), Richard (facilitator), Tesa, Catty, David M, Russ, Vaidy, Nolan, Sarah, Ryan, Rebecca

Meet and Greet

Tanis, second meeting, accepted.
Matt, second meeting, accepted.
Rohit, first meeting.

Review of Minutes

Minutes Accepted.

Wiki Updates

Maintenance coordinator description update.

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Agenda Item 1

(Tesa) Prorating rent for 109.

Tesa & Catty: We did many hours of work fixing up 109 after it was left a disaster by the previous tenant. It was unlivable for a long time - dirty, unpainted, stinky, missing window locks. The contracts were signed for Oct 7. Tesa didn't move in until Oct 24th. Catty didn't move into her room from the living room until Nov 9th.

Amendment: Prorate rent for Tesa & Catty through Nov 9th - That's about $470 each person.

Amendment: Due to services rendered, temporarily remove the 16-hour labor cap for Tesa & Catty until they fall below that threshold again.

Amendments accepted.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(David M) Permit me to join the maintenance team starting tomorrow (Monday).

Maintenance coordinators: We're in support.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 3

(Russ) Officer's monthly reports.


Still catching up on expense bookkeeper stuff. Maranda has a notice to vacate and I went to court Friday to file a formal eviction; lots of work there.


The 109 case seems to be finishing up now. There's an ongoing situation with Maranda but it's just a waiting game now.


September is fine. We've got some potential member reviews from October no-shows if people don't do make-up labor. Write down labor holiday ideas!


Educated new members about the co-op. There was a yellow card. Some officers stepped down so there was a special election, and now there's a regular election. Nominate people!


We've accomplished numerous maintenance jobs this month, but it's been hard communicating with our team. We'll be proposing, eventually at the board level, hiring a worker who could help give advice, support and structure to maintenance.

Agenda Item 4

(vaidy) remove restrictions that prevent me from doing maintenance

Maintenance coordinators: We can remove the house restriction and move forward from there in evaluating Vaidy for maintenance.

Item passes.

New business

CQ: Can't we evict someone in 3 days?

POI: No, that's illegal.

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