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November 12, 2017

Present: Paul (minutes), David M (facilitator), Richard, Nolan, Cynthia, Vaidy, Maximo, Serene, Don, Russ

Meet and Greet

George (second meeting, accepted)

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted.

Wiki Updates

Added that one must be a resident for two months before being put on maintenance, unless an exception is made by the house.

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Agenda Item 1

(Nolan) The contract coordinator shall have access to the key box or master key.

Nolan: I was contract coordinator for about two years. We haven't revived the position recently because of this bottleneck. Must meet with key-holder twice for every key used, which turns into a burden when AC folks want to inspect multiple units.

CQ: Is contract coordinator on the maintenance team?

POI: Yes, they're appointed by maintenance coordinator.

CQ: Who has keybox keys right now?

POI: Steward, Membership Coordinator, Maintenance Coordinator.

CQ: Do we have a fourth keybox key?

POI: Not sure. We'll figure something out.

Concerns or friendly amendments phase.

Concern: Lots of people with keys, and having more people with those keys would be less secure.

Concern: Why does the Steward have a key?

Item passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Nolan) The Maintenance Coordinator is the cooperative's designated representative for handling repairs, and written requests are only accepted via email to or the maintenance box.

Nolan: We have a section in our contract that mentions the designated representative for repairs. Designate the maintenance coordinator this representative, and specify how written requests happen.

POI: I've seen that section as well; thanks for this.

Concerns or friendly amendments phase.

Item passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 3

(Nolan) If a non-urgent maintenance issue involving health, safety, or structural integrity is not addressed by maintenance crew members within 7 days of the time it is reported, the Maintenance Coordinator is authorized to hire a contractor to complete the work. Urgent maintenance issues must be addressed immediately.

Nolan: Let's say someone requests a leak. There's an imperative to not spend money, so we can send a member, but there's a maintenance backlog so it could be weeks. There's also an imperative to fix the leak. This is to light a fire under our butts to reprioritize fun-project-maintenance to urgent maintenance when necessary, and also to get contractors when we just aren't able to do repairs in time.

CQ: What qualifies as urgent?

Nolan: I feel like discussing that would get into the weeds.

CQ: How would people on maintenance know when maintenance tasks need doing?

Nolan: Normal maintenance channels; we would assign tasks.

CQ: We should define urgency.

POI: This sounds like an amendment. Also one of our maintenance coordinators does tenant's rights work, so I feel like they have a good handle on what counts for health and safety.

Concerns or friendly amendments phase.

Item passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 4

(Paul) Our rules should state that guests staying more than 14 days in any month is not acceptable.

Paul: This seems like an easy fix to our current rules, which is just 14 concurrent days and easily game-able.

POI: I feel like this is still gameable. Also, our rules should say this applies even to family members.

CQ: Is this an agenda item or a discussion item?

Paul: Agenda item. We can change “should” to “shall” if it makes you happy.

POI: In the past when people have tried to game the system, it's very obvious. I think this is a fine change.

Concerns or friendly amendments phase.

Concern: We should define guest.

POI: I think we all know what a guest is. It applies to family members, significant others, and any other non-dependent non-resident here.

Item passes unanimously.

New business

Steward: Yellow card of Sylvia for cleanliness and communication.

Project proposal for labor holiday on the fridge! Add your suggestions!

CQ: Can we suggest any project?

POI: Yep.

My friend was here on Friday. He's in a bad place. Can we count that as his first meeting?

POI: No, meetings are Wednesdays and Sunday. We can call him on Wednesday.

CQ: Who is responsible for cleaning up glass? Grounds?

POI: That'd be Trash Patrol. If you see trash there for a week start writing them up.

Labor Holiday Project Idea: We can make drying racks out of a rack I have. We can do this for every unit and free up counter space. Should be pretty easy. If people don't want them they don't need to get them.

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