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October 1, 2017


Meet and Greet

Young Han Lester is called.

Young Han Lester asks about turnover and retention. Paul says there have been a number of vacancies popping up this year.

Young Han Lester asks about governance structure and officers. Paul says there are officers whose roles are determined by democratic meetings.

Paul asks Young Han Lester if he has pets or pet allergies. Young Han Lester says he is allergic to pet dander.

Paul asks Young Han Lester is he is looking for a room or a unit. Young Han Lester says he’s looking for a room.

Young Han Lester asks if there is an expected labor contribution. Paul explains that becoming an associate member obligates Young Han Lester to an hour of labor a week. A resident member contributes four hours of labor a week.

Young Han Lester asks if there are many members who move in from out of state. Paul explains that associate members take precedence over prospective members, and that it’s possible we could sign an associate contract remotely.

Review of Minutes

Previous Meeting Minutes Read Aloud By Barak

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(McAllen) Allow McAllen to defer 3 out of his 4 weekly labor hours (all on Grounds) Until December due to his extremely heavy work load at school this semester. McAllen wishes to make up a total of 48 hours during a 4 week period beginning December 13th and ending January 7th. The 48 hours comprises a period of 16 weeks during which McAllen is in school - August 28th through December 12th.

Hannah explains McAllen’s proposal to take on a large amount of labor hours during an established four week period so he can focus on school work without fearing repercussions from missing typical labor hours.

McAllen explains his motivation for wanting to defer his labor to December. He’s in his last semester and needs more time to focus.

Hannah asks for clarifying questions or points of information.

Vaidy, Richard, Hannah and Cynthia pose questions.

McAllen explains that he will have the entire month of December to clear his 48 hours of labor owed.

Hannah asks for points of concern.

Richard reiterates that no one else has been granted this many deferred hours.

Hannah observers that labor fines with still apply, which could mean McAllen will owe a large amount of money if he neglects the amount of labor he is responsible for.

Richard asks if McAllen would be willing to pay a no-show fine while deferring two hours of labor a week to keep him from accruing an unwieldy amount of owed labor.

McAllen considers paying a portion of his labor hours with no-show fines.

Ryan suggest he should be allowed to attempt the full 48 hours and pay the remainder.

Friendly amendment: Defer two hours of labor per week and leave the remaining two hours to McAllen to work or pay a fine at his discretion.

Amendment is ratified.

Amended item passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard, Paul, Corey) Member review of Chris for engaging in hostile and uncooperative behavior against prospective members as a means of undermining open membership and fair housing.

Hannah asks if Chris would like to speak.

Chris admits that part of the allegations against him are true and that he is sorry.

Chris says he was influencing Paul to pick and choose specific prospective members.

Chris says in his defense he has been fired from his jobs because of his sexuality, and that the smell of marijuana can put his job at risk.

Chris says he initially wanted a full unit, but chose a roommate to please Gatlin.

Chris says he genuinely thinks he wasn’t rude to Bernard.

Chris says some of David’s account was true, but other parts were fabricated or not communicated to Chris.

Chris says he wants to be in good standing with La Reunion.

Hannah asks Richard and Paul to speak.

Richard says a pattern of trying to affect the selection of prospective roommates is unacceptable.

Paul says honoring fair housing is a legal obligation.

Hannah asks that Molly is notified when her item is up.

Russ takes over as facilitator, Hannah leaves the meeting.

Cynthia leaves the meeting.

Paul explains various complaints and grievances that have been levied against Chris.

Chris suggests that livability issues were not always his fault, he was trying to keep the apartment clean.

Paul says Chris was intimidating Bernard into not being his roommate.

Don says the language of the contract should determine the severity of consequences for Chris.

Paul asks why Chris asked Bernard is he smokes marijuana in the first place.

Chris responds by saying he thought he was politely determining what Bernard’s preferences were.

Sylvester says that the number of complaints and grievances levied against Chris establish a pattern of behavior.

Richard says David’s account goes beyond the cleanliness issue and into respect and interpersonal conflicts.

Chris denies one of David’s claims that Chris left David outside the unit without letting him in.

Chris states that he would like to move out and revert to an associate member.

Chris leaves the meeting so that the rest of the members can discuss amongst themselves.

Paul lays out three possibilities: eviction, eviction-hold-off agreement, and doing nothing.

Barak says Chris likely believes he will be evicted if he claims he’s going to move out.

Alex says we can’t take Chris at his word that he will move out.

Sylvester says he’s leaning towards a behavioral contract.

Don says he’s also leaning towards a behavioral contract.

Don leaves the meeting.

Vaidy says the actions of people who get member reviewed are often symptomatic of non-cooperative behavior.

Alex says Chris’ behavior is indeed a part of pattern, and that a behavioral contract won’t be sufficient to amend Chris’ behavior.

Richard says he would hold Chris to a behavior contract on the grounds that Chris move out when his lease runs out in May.

Sylvester says the behavioral contract needs concrete aspects that create results.

Paul responds by saying that a behavioral contract will be hammered out if it is agreed upon.

Richard says roommates sometimes created written agreements between themselves, which could be a potential solution.

Russ suggests a straw poll for a behavioral contract.

Barak says Chris’ reputation has preceded him; he almost didn’t move in because Chris was the only option.

Straw poll results:

5 for behavioral contract

6 for eviction

0 for doing nothing

Chris re-enters the meeting.

Russ opens a vote for Chris’ eviction.

Chris leaves the meeting.

Eviction vote:

7 - Yes

2 - No

9 of 9 present members voted. Chris is to be given a notice to vacate as soon as possible. The notice should have a deadline of October 31.

Agenda Item 3

(Molly) Waive fee for Molly's contract break.

Molly says she needs to break her contract on short notice.

Molly says she will be leaving in two weeks but will pay all of October’s rent.

Paul says he didn’t grant a contract break because Molly didn’t notify six weeks in advance.

Molly offers a point of information, saying she didn’t hear about her new job less than six weeks ago.

Sylvester leaves the meeting.

Friendly amendment: this is a contract break

Molly asks for October 31st as the date of her contract break.

Amendment passes.

Item passes.

Agenda Item 4

(Nolan and Sarah) Invoice Melissa $89 for an HVAC repair made on 09/20. The only AC issue the technician noticed was that the breaker had been manually turned off by someone in the unit. The technician can distinguish between a breaker that is manually turned off, and one that has been tripped by an electrical surge.

Hannah reads a statement requesting Melissa receive an invoice.

Nolan gets Sarah on the phone.

Nolan says we will charge people for maintenance requests. This deters maintenance requests that are made in bad faith.

Richard reads Melissa’s statement. Melissa says she doesn’t understand why she has to pay since a technician turned off her AC breaker without her knowledge.

Nolan asks why a technician would turn off her AC breaker without her knowledge and if this has happened to anyone else.

Sarah observes that the lease agreements provide for charging residents for maintenance.

Sylvester explains that it is plausible that a technician had to turn off the HVAC breaker in order to investigate the gas leak.

Russ says he discovered a breaker was off in the closet, meaning someone knows how to do it. He also observes that the repairmen never discussed breakers as part of their remedy to the gas problem.

Sylvester says the amount of people involved in the gas situation made communication difficult.

Russ counters that he was present with the gas repairmen in the unit in question, and says none of the professional repairmen touched the breakers.

Hannah asks how feasible it is to contact the repairmen to ask if they ever touched the breakers.

Nolan suggests he call one of plumber to confirm or disconfirm Melissa’s claim that she did not flip the breaker.

Cynthia asserts that if it is confirmed that the repairman didn’t touch the breaker, that Melissa is immediately responsible for the $89 invoice.

Molly enters the meeting.

Hannah asks if and why Melissa would flip the breaker.

Russ explains that Melissa is against AC, and explains a series of examples of how Melissa reduced functionality of several devices in the unit responsible for delivering air conditioning.

Hannah asks why Melissa would call professional AC repair.

Nolan explains that there has been a history of spurious maintenance requests from Melissa.

Barak asks if we have agreed on a set of conditions that, if met, would make Melissa responsible for the $89 invoice.

Paul reads language from the lease agreement establishing the right to charge Melissa for the maintenance.

Ryan observes that Melissa’s action could be classified as negligence.

Richard shares concerns, including that people might reduce maintenance requests if they fear they will be charged.

Cynthia suggests that Melissa’s alterations to her apartment have already been exorbitant for the co-op’s budget.

Sarah counters that the amount of money that has been spent on Melissa’s apartment to date is not the issue at stake.

Friendly amendment: Melissa is invoiced $89 and Nolan calls the plumber to confirm if he flipped the breaker.

The amendment does not pass.

Item does not pass.

New business

Richard says he gives new residents one week before adding them to the labor schedule.

Barak suggests scheduling a key making workshop and making more keys for new residents.

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