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September 17, 2017

Present: Paul (minutes), Richard (facilitating)

Meet and Greet

Karl, David, Vishnanathan, Francine.

Review of Minutes

Minutes approved.

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Agenda Item 1

(Molly) Dismiss no-show for dinner on 8/18 - two healthy dishes were prepared, and no show was for preparing them “in bad faith” - I'd like to get these no-shows dismissed and discuss what “in bad faith” means and how this applies to future evaluations of labor.

Not taken up by anyone.

Agenda Item 2

(Paul) In our House Manual, change:
Four yellow cards in a month, six in two months, or eight in six months triggers an automatic membership review.
Two yellow cards in a month, or four in six months, triggers an automatic membership review.

CQ: Could this be used to abuse the system?

POI: For yellow cards to trigger a membership review, they still need three separate people to sign them.

Voluntarily tabled because of one block.

Agenda Item 3

(Hannah) Decrease events coordinator from 3 hours a week to 1


Agenda Item 4

(Kevin) Dismiss non-signature no-shows from August.

Granted by labor czar.

Agenda Item 5

(Paul) In our consensus process, remove the lines:

If not 2.i.II then, if there is at least a minority of down-tinkles the proposal is tabled.

If not 2.i.III then, if there is at least a simple majority of up-twinkles the proposal continues.


New business

David talks about doing a CodeNext presentation.

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