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September 3, 2017

Present: Alex, Barak (prospective), Burgess, Carey, Corey, Nolan, Richard (minutes), Scarlett (facilitating)

Meet and Greet

Barak, second meeting: accepted for prospective membership.

Rae, house attempted to have first meeting via phone, no answer.

Review of Minutes

Read and accepted.

Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Scarlett) Contract break one month early. End of September. Job relocating out of Austin. Waive fees.

Accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard, Paul, Corey) Member review of Carey for assault of another member and destruction of coop property

Read statement from Paul,

Read statement from McAllen.

Paul clarifies that Carey demanded the contract back upon learning it applied to the month of August.

Carey acknowledges he lost his temper but notes his frustration with Paul's tardiness in delivering the contract addendum.

Termination of membership wins straw poll.

Termination of membership wins vote: 7 yes, 1 abstention.

House agrees to issue a notice to vacate by September 7th with a deadline of October 7th. His membership shall also end on September 7th.

House also agrees to ban Carey from public spaces in the coop upon Carey vacating.

Agenda Item 3

(Richard) Abolish the Kitchen Manager coordinatorship.

Tabled due to running out of time.

Agenda Item 4

(Molly) - Dismiss no-show for dinner on 8/18 - two healthy dishes were prepared, and no show was for preparing them “in bad faith” - I'd like to get these no-shows dismissed and discuss what “in bad faith” means and how this applies to future evaluations of labor.

Molly: I served two healthy dishes that took about as long as it normally takes. I'm not sure why I was no-showed. I also feel the amount of the no-show (3 hours) is out of proportion with how the membership coordinator was no-showed for a far greater amount.

Richard: To clarify on the hour amount, this would be processed as a half no-show, so 1.5 hours total.

Molly: I'm on at a tribunal of males. Has there ever been an attempt to talk to me?

Burgess: I made an attempt before when you were cooking brunch. I feel it was a moment of male grace.

Molly: Can the minutes show that I wasn't told this would only be a 1.5-hour no-show and not a three-hour one?

Richard: Sure.

Molly: With the exception of Scarlet, I am the only woman here, and I feel this was a room full of men, most of whom were hostile on the issue before the meeting started.

Concern from Richard: I don't think I've learned anything new here, so the no-show still strikes me as legitimate.

Friendly amendment from Molly: Instead of dismissing the no-show reduce it to a no-show of one dish instead of two.

Concern from Richard: I don't consider the two in combination to qualify as either two meals or one.

[friendly amendment fails to pass]

[time limit reached, straw poll to continue fails, agenda item tabled]

New business

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