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August 24, 2017


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Agenda Item 1


August Coordinator's Meeting-08/24/2017

Maintenance—Sarah, Nolan

Busy, busy, busy. 203's toilet. 102's fan vent, drywall replacement.

25 hours allocated to maintenance. Most of the folks don't have the skills to do maintenance. Anne have them paint. Actual maintenance requests coming in and the crew doesn't have either the skills or inclination. Some folks don't have the skills but they can actually make things worse. Some of the newer folks getting dropped into maintenance with it's fluctuating demands can throw off the newer folks trying to get into sync with their labor. Budget can support higher level skills which we can hire. How are we assigning people to labor? Proposal: reduce size of maintenance team to 2-3 people with skills and utilize contractor's as needed. Hire a commercial property maintenance contractor. Melissa and Sarah are working on a form to conduct unit inspections. Inspections can be done in teams of 2 to ensure thoroughness. Suggest an annual inspection. Question: what is our policy on painting units? Painting policy? Ad hoc- the coop will cover the cost of paint with a damaged paint situation. Labor Czar: we'd like to veto anyone assigned to Maintenance. Not going to issue no-shows for August. The new people are having difficulty due to the fluctuating work demands beyond their skill level. Response: Reservations, don't want a black hole of not no-showing people. But ok with wiping August clean. Reply: we want to make sure people don't get placed on maint. to fail out. Comment: good idea.

Treasurer: Ryan Setting up budget and Quickbooks, leases, and Paul. Set up the CD. Working on missing receipts. Gave them to Corey. Next up to close August. July was done August 1st. Few receipts missing to get re-imbursemnets. Focus on following our policies. Filing taxes for 2017.

Anne Has the time now to get the job done. Please put unit number on checks and m.o's. Working on the finance manual.

Hannah outreach Transitional Housing Lifeworks got the tour Laura. Four partner programs. One active. Caseworkers tend to respond favorable to our easy entry. Orientation would be helpful. Maybe a new labor position can be created. May begin to pull back on these outreach activities. I may create docs for the labor position. Doing memco difficult. Fill Miranda's room then Jessica's room . Have two prospects. Answering emails. Jessica is out at end of September. Higher volume of referees points to a need for an Orientation. Many people are thinking this what we need.

Memco should notify the house of all new members.

Comment: Orientation should also be in Spanish. Sarah know's how to translate.

Russ-Steward, Contractor Coordinator Opened nominations for Expense Bookkeeper and held the election. Corey took over. AC out in 109- called Mark, he didn't know how to fix it. Charged us 0 for a board he replaced -didn't work. Called McCullough AC. He found a short in the compressor and fixed it in like 30 mins. Not calling Mark anymore.

Mold remediation 102- Servpro went in and treated the ac vents etc.

Aug, 14th- resigned from contract coordinator but staying on until a replacement is found.

Aug 27th- Kyle, the welder hasn't completed our support for the south/east stairs. Need to find someone.

Aug 23rd-Ross the carpenter installed bathroom vent and repaired drywall in bathroom 102.

New business

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