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July 26, 2017


Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Russ) Victor –Labor

No show hours are down. Labor Holiday went well, there are still a number who owe make up hours and they are notified to contact Labor Czar for make up hours. The deadline on this is Aug. 14th to make into his monthly report on time. Things seem to running fairly smoothly.


Pulling team together. Overcoming the lethargy of the past 6 mos. Created Kanboard is getting updated every day or two. Updates go into the system. Encouraging contractor updates into the system. To make it easier to find all the relevant data. Some folks are still working on this. Assign. Went out on Monday and check in is on Friday. If no communication by Sunday, no shows will be done. Then they will reassign labor task and find out what is going on.

Question: Is 102's ac fixed and if so, can we get the window units out of there.

No, a task card will be put in the system to remove the portable ac units from 102.


Passed budget and got a new bookkeeper which should allows us to focus on the details. Taking a harder look at not paying sales tax. I have 8 tax exempt forms. I ask them to fill out the forms completely. Corey will check the receipts to make sure we don't pay taxes. Contractors that we pay over 0 year, we need a w-9 for tax purposes. He will sort through our contractors from 2017. Currently there isn't a check to ensure they are returned to Treas. Working on the shared capital equity application for their cd like financial instrument.

Hannah-Event Coordinator/Outreach My updates:

Outreach: Successfully on boarded 5 organizations to the nonprofit partner program. Followed up with them and Membership Coordinator. Curious if Membership Coordinator has been in touch with them about upcoming openings?

Events: Had the birthday party! That was fun. Planning for a craft night next Thursday (open to those who want to “craft” on their laptops or just socialize also.) Thoughts, feedback?


June reconciled and up to date. Finance manual is coming along nicely. More than half finished. I can hand off the invoice/expense stuff to Corey this weekend.

Gatlin CHEA Board Rep

1. I was elected to be the Board Treasurer. I met with Joshua and got a tour of the books along with important financial documents.

2. Attended a finance meeting and met with Andi Shively, our accountant. Andi and Corey were helpful in rounding out my knowledge of the books.

3. Reconciled QuickBooks with our bank account for the CHEA checking account from January through June.

4. We had two very interesting discussions at the first board meeting, and I invite you to read the minutes and I am happy to discuss them further on request since they were rather long (but insightful!):

5. At the second board meeting we discussed the issue of a CHEA member wanting to write grant proposals on behalf of only one house. Since this is both nonsensical (as houses are not legal entities) and dangerous (as it could hurt our reputation if members start fraudulently requesting money on behalf of CHEA), we passed a short amendment to our bylaws clarifying our position. You may read it here:

My tasks for the near future are to become a signatory on all relevant accounts. I'll do this as soon as the schedules of all the relevant parties line up.

Gatlin Grounds

The main thing I have to report aside from ongoing maintenance of the courtyard and such is our working on removing the stumps of the shrubs that have been cut down out front. That job involves considerably more work than cutting down the above-ground portion of the the plant - that part was actually pretty easy by comparison. It's a difficult task, though certainly not impossible, and we're working on it! Please let me know if y'all have any questions!

Russ Steward/Contract Coordinator STEWARD Facilitated maintenance team communications. . Held elections for Expense bookkeeper. Requested nominations for NP Board Rep Attended most Sunday meetings. Held informal conferences with various officers throughout the month.

Contract Coordinato4 As Steward and acting Maintenance Coordinator I assigned myself as Contract Coordinator, the following projects: Stair Inspection, and repairs Resurfacing the walls in unit 109 Finding a contractor to finish the small bedroom in unit 103 Any emergency repairs needed

Acquiring the stairs or as they are called, treads was a learning experience for me. One supplier who we had used for individual stair replacement in the past told me they only order by the pallet and seven isn't a pallet load we were out of luck. Just wish they would have explained it before telling me there should be a pallet next week, which went on for three weeks. Google concrete stair replacement and the one I selected is in Dallas and he arranged to ship on a Hot Shot to save us money. There had to be other loads put together with our little pallet of treads. Second issue: Our contractor welder friend who agreed to do the work for an agreed upon price, suddenly no showed us, called in tired from his 9-5 job. I can dig it but still, I admit to mild dis-appointment. Then he came but forgot to bring critical parts. Then he couldn't come for the past two weeks he reported a some skin infection on his face. I am straining to believe this is the guy who needs the work. I talked it over with Nolan, and if he no shows again, we need another contractor.

Contractor fixed up the small bdrm of 103 and painted and then two weeks later re-surfaced the walls in 109.

Had to replace the contractor Mark with McCullough AC. They fixed 209, 103 ac.

Called AAA Auger for plumbing repairs on 110's leaking ac return pipe. They ran a new pipe through drywall into the kitchen and under the kitchen sink.

Kelsey—Food Buyer

1. Gardening is going well. We have a seed/baby plant donor that replenishes us when we need to fill a spot. He also had compost tea materials that I have been using for the plants. I plan to harvest the veggies for the house. If anyone is interested in helping him garden at his home (about 10 minutes away), he would love some help and can give the co-op harvested veggies in return. I don't have extra time to do that otherwise I would love to.

2. Jamie and I have been discussing compost options. Cynthia had mentioned composting had gone south in the past, but I think it would be lovely if we could integrate a compost system/different barrels to separate the rounds of composting. A successful integration would require a small compost container in/just outside the commons kitchen, instructions for the cooks/members on how to properly dispose their compost into the container, and an added component to the dinner clean to do list to empty the container out to the big barrels we could have in the back alley each night. More research needs to be done.

3. Food Buying has been going well. All requests made have been met. I'm learning to adjust Marilyn's original set of standard items to buy in order to adapt to the houses' evolving expectations/desires.

Paul–Membership Coordinator

Done this month:

Added people to the mailing list. Responded to emails and voicemails. Gave MemCo perspective on relevant agenda items. Attended nearly every Wednesday and Sunday Meet & Greet in July (I think I missed a Wed). Gave keys out, received keys. Got keys out for people who locked themselves out. Sorted inherited keys from temporary MemCo. Signed multiple contracts.

Kevin Weir moved into #209.

Sylvester Jones became a prospective and then a resident; he's in #103.

Chris McDonald became a prospective signed an associate contract. LABOR CZAR, please assign him labor. His partner, Misty Render, has attended her first meeting.

Catty O'Heeron became a prospective and is planning to sign an associate contract.

Aundre Wesley will be attending tonight's meeting and plans to move in into #202.

I need to sign contracts with Jessica, Chris Baker, Russ, Molly, Corey, and Burgess. Please get with me when you can.

The #101 vacancy is still unfilled.

We currently have 32 resident members, and two associates.

New business

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