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June 25, 2017


Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Victor) I propose that mail clips be mounted outside each unit in order to better facilitate intrahouse communications.

Proposal: To install clips next to each apartment door to facilitate house communications and to use maintenance labor hours for this task.


Agenda Item 2

(Lauren) I propose that I should not lose my deposit, nor have to pay extra to “fix” my former bedroom's walls because I did not damage them. I improved the looks of them. When I received that room the ceiling was bright blue, and the walls were purple. Over the course of my living at La Reunion, I remodeled the bathroom and made my bedroom more attractive with textured walls. I will bring before and after pictures. If the future tenant thinks they are hideous, that is one thing, but I think they look better and are more fire resistant and sound proof.

Ryan: We have the budget to hire contractors.

Tabled. Lauren's deposit is the maximum she will owe so she decided to let the contractor do the work.

New business

Labor Czar states that a new labor schedule, reflected the current elections will be produced Wednesday, June 28th. Labor Holiday is on July 22nd. See the list of ideas located on the commercial freezer. Robbie and Jessica's no-shows for the months of March and April are being reviewed. He was still considering requesting an increase to $15 per hour.

Ryan: labor fines were approx. $2700 last year and this is a small percentage of our budget. The market value of the labor should be more of factor, because the house doesn't need the increase to offset expenses.

Steward's Report

Apartment 103's ac closet door has been hung. Further work is progressing to get the unit ready to occupy this week.

The stairs initially were ordered from a local supplier and they didn't arrive. Another company in Dallas was located and they will be shipping 7 stairs to us this week. The delivery may have to be received, signed for and inspected.

Some calls to contractors went unreturned this past week. More calls this week, to get another estimate for 109's improvements.

Ryan:-Maintenance budget is currently $24,000/annum. If we remove the fixer language, the money in the budget could be re-allocated perhaps to large scale maintenance projects.

Serene: should consider doing windows


“When an email from a tenant is sent out saying they are concerned for their safety, the message should be clear that their safety is the first priority. Even calling the police right away should be considered depending on the situation.

Figuring out the unknown persons intentions should be secondary. “

Corey: One- ask him who he knows, if no one, then tell him to leave. 2nd Time- warn him that we'll call the police if he doesn't leave. 3-Call police.

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