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May 7, 2017

Present: Russ, Donny, Victor, Ryan, Richard, Corey, Burgess, Melissa, Hannah.

Meet and Greet

Jack, first meeting.
Kevin & Brannon, second meeting. Both accepted.

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted.

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Agenda Item 1

(Labor Czar Meg) Automatic member review of Robbie for accumulation of no-shows. He's on a Labor Plan for his 8 no-shows from January 2017. He has accumulated an additional 4.5 hours of no-shows in February, 12.5 no-shows in March and 11.5 no-shows in April. He's currently at 36 hours of no-shows for 2017.

POI: I suggest we table that. It doesn't meet the requirements for an automatic no-show.

POI: Two meetings ago we gave Robbie an extension on his labor plan for January.

CQ: Why doesn't it meet the requirements?

POI: He's got until mid-May to finish making up the March no-shows. The April no-shows haven't even been announced yet.

Robbie: I'm going to email Meg for a labor plan for March.

CQ: Can you get on a labor plan if you're already on a labor plan?

POI: Yes. It's payment plans you can't get on two of.

CQ: OK, so this isn't valid. When will it be valid, assuming the status remains quo?

POI: A month and a half after the end of the month - 15 days to post the no-shows, and 30 days to make up that labor.

POI from previous labor czar: The current labor czar might follow my processing rule and not grant you a second no-show, in which case you'll just have to make up your no-shows within the normal make-up period.


Agenda Item 2

(Burgess) Ask Corey to purchase a re-key kit for co-op use.

POI: We're looking at a Quick-Set Keying Kit. $130-160, a locksmith's kit with tumblers. We can master-key the whole co-op if we wanted with this kit. Legally we're supposed to re-key after every tenant moves out, and it's a pain every time without this kit. Re-keying the door using our old method is $10-15 for each door. If we re-key 10 doors we'll start saving money, plus the time spent going to the hardware store and purchasing things.

CQ: Are we asking for house approval of an expense outside the maintenance budget?

POI: Yes.

POI from finance officer: It would probably come out of maintenance.

CQ: Is this something that can be done by anyone, or will only a few people have access to the kit?

POI: It's pretty easy to learn online by watching a video. It's pretty hard to screw it up because you can't get the lock open if you don't know what you're doing.

POI: We can buy a door handle for $10.

POI: Those handles are not ADA-compliant.

CQ: Could the parts be scattered?

POI: It's unlikely; it's in a carrying case.

CQ: Are there additional costs per door?

POI: Just the kit, with all the tools. If locks break we can repair them.

POI: I've always wanted to get a re-keying kit, because I think it's a good investment. In theory as long as the tumblers are all compatible and don't break, it can re-key infinite locks.

Passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 3

(Melissa) Final decision on being fixer please? After checking with treasurer and another accountant, La Reunion will need to provide me with a 1099 or similar form at the end of the year. This is pretty standard procedure and we should be doing this for any individual we “pay” or compensate over 0 in one year. (Such as individuals doing maintenance not affiliated with a company.)

POI from finance officer: There was a question about how the Fixer should be classified. It came up in a finance meeting months ago, and our bookkeeper/accountant told us it's a bad idea not to report the income for the Fixer, because it's basically employment. I think the fact that Fixer has a residency requirement means that we absolutely cannot use a 1099 and must use a W-2. I think we should table this and maybe discuss it with the board.

CQ: We've done this before; what's the problem?

POI: We just didn't know all the complicating factors. Some student co-ops do something similar but I think they can categorize it as a scholarship maybe.

Melissa: OK. Can we possibly do something for less than $600? That's the threshold for reporting income. Can we just decide a yes or no here, and then go to the board to make the final decision?

POI: The board is in its funding season, so it would probably be July before anything was funded by the board.

POI: In the last meeting it was stated that in our rules there's a mandatory budget item for the house.

POI: Funding and figuring out the paperwork are separate things. We'd be asking the board to figure out the paperwork.

POI from finance officer: It's not about the board funding it; it's making sure that we're in line with the employment practices of the board. I think we should get our ducks in a row and then re-have the conversation.

Natalie (CHEA board staff member): It'd be coming out of house funds, and a contractor position?

POI: Yes, and no, respectively: a property manager that's required to live at a property is the closest equivalent. A property manager definitely has to do a W-2/W-4.

Melissa: You're basing the so-called residency requirements on a maintenance manager position, not a person doing maintenance work? In my other job there's a very fine line between being an official nanny and just taking the kids and doing stuff.

POI from finance officer: The house was talking about a 1099 form. I think that would be illegal.

POI: Basically we need to re-write the Fixer position, keeping in mind that it is employment. We want a lot of oversight over the Fixer, we set their pay, we give them the tools to do tasks - those things distinguish employees from contractors.

Suggested amendment: Melissa be Fixer for a month.

Concern: If it's illegal, it's illegal whether it's for 6 months or one month.

POI: I'd like to see someone assigned to re-write the Fixer position for our next meeting.

POI: That might take more than a week.

POI: I think we need more information from our accountant. We have a resident that wants to work for rent credit. Can we ask them if there's a way to do that legally?

Natalie: I can bring this up in new business in Monday's board meeting.

Melissa: OK, if it's going to be discussed at the board level, we can table it.

POI: With the understanding that we'll have more information next week.


New business

Hannah: A group wants to use our outdoor space the last Sunday of the month, 1-4 pm. I'm concerned about them using the space, since we're a non-profit. They're a group called Left Up To Us. They are organizing political campaign work for specific candidates. They're a 501c(4).

POI: We can't endorse or support candidates, but hosting them is probably a gray area.

POI: We don't regularly allow our space to be used like this. I think it would be a gray area if we regularly hosted groups, but we don't.

POI: You could host them personally.

Hannah: I don't want to be at every one of their meetings.

Natalie: In my previous job, the c(3) and the c(4) could work together as long as they weren't exchanging money. As a c(3) you can advocate for issues, it just gets dicey when you involve money and political candidates. Issue advocacy calls from here are fine, phone banking for candidates would not be fine.

POI: The Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA) endorses candidates, and we give them money. I don't think endorsing organizations that endorse candidates is illegal. Now that I think about it I don't think it would be a gray area. We've hosted ACBA regularly.

POI: I don't really want to get into giving people free access to our commons space every month. That seems dicey.

POI: I'd be fine with it if it didn't interfere or obstruct with residents' space.

Hannah: I could get our Left Up To Us contact to come by and present an idea. I also think that if we're serious about seeing our organization and model grow, we need to reach out to other groups and find common ground. They could potentially help us with the city, and we could potentially help them.

POI: We can't possibly anticipate all the potential problems.

POI: This isn't something we've done on a historical basis.

POI: Well, maybe we should, if our space isn't being used and other groups need space.

Corrections to the minutes: Hannah will bring a representative of the organization to a meeting; it was not felt that this would be illegal.

Donny: Update on 103! The bathroom and two walls are ready to paint. Maybe we can get Jessica and Robbie to paint. The mudding still needs to be done. Not hard, just time-consuming. Mudding should hopefully/maybe be done this week, which means that more painting will be ready to do. We also need to figure out the furnace closet door, for cats that live there and also for health code reasons.

Membership coordinator: We'll have 5 members leaving at the end of the month.

Steward: Nominations for Food-Buyer are up.

POI: We should probably also have nominations for Labor Czar and Events Coordinator, since those folks are leaving.

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