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March 5, 2017

Present: Donny facilitating, Chris, Joshua, Russ, Corey, Ryan, Hannah, Richard, Paul Burgess, Madeline, Natalie (operations mgr for CHEA), Marilyn, minutes

Meet and Greet

Natalie plans to attend our meetings monthly as well as CHEA board meetings; sees her role as carrying out Board objectives, e.g., putting together a document on how LaRe was founded; putting out a membership survey of demographics, needs, wants to be presented at the General Membership Meeting.

Review of Minutes

Reviewed and accepted

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Approve rent credit for 103 resident for the month of February given the unit was uninhabitable for that time due to ongoing mold remediation work.

Corey: This is something we have done in the past when a unit was uninhabitable.

Chris: What is the amount of credit?

Corey: One month's rent

Paul: Is her space livable now?

Corey: Mold is out, so her room is livable. The other room is not yet habitable.

Donny: There is still a lot of sheetrock and other things in the common spaces (hall closet, living room)

Marilyn: Should the credit be extended, as the unit is not yet fully habitable?

Corey: We can figure that out later.

Paul: How is the vacancy reserve fund doing?

Ryan: He doesn't have the figures, but the reserve should be high right now based on overall occupancy.

Proposal passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Ryan) Require Richard Simoes to release August-December no show reports or hand over all labor documents from his term of service to House Officers by March 8th.

Ryan: We have been asking for the reports; he has paid off his no-shows so technically doesn't have to make the reports, but we should have the documents.

Richard: He is okay with this. He doesn't have all the no-show reports but does have them for the last 6 months.

Ryan: He would like us to designate a particular person to receive the documents.

Paul: Do you have a digital copy of the all the documents?

Richard: No.

Paul: Suggests Finance officers or Labor Czar

Ryan: It could be them or Steward

Richard: He will send an e-mail to verify that he is sending the reports to Ryan.

Q: Are there consequences for noncompliance? (Much jocularity ensues.)

Proposal passes by consensus.

New business

Russ, as Steward: A yellow card has been written up for Meg and Molly having a banned guest

Marilyn: Three opportunities to participate in immigrant protection activities: volunteer at a legal clinic Sat, March 11, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.; training opportunities March 8 and March to act as witnesses during ICE activities. See Marilyn for more details.

Madeline: Saturday, April 8, CHEA's General Membership Meeting occurs at Sasona. Board is recruiting for a community member to replace Abby Tatkow. There is a form for applicants. We also have an election in July for CHEA's NASCO representative. Megan is our current rep, and she can be contacted for more information about the position. Will there be a financial report at the GMM? Madeline says, yes, expects it.

Burgess: On March 14 at 7 p.m. Michael Gaudini, a staff member for Leslie Pool will be here to survey the block to learn about the need for pedestrian safety measures on Gault between Anderson and Dale. He used to live in a co-op.

Paul: Membership Coordinator monthly report; no change in the number of residents; several people interested in becoming Associates but not in a hurry to find rooms. Hoping 103 will be ready for 2nd occupant soon. He will be away Mar 10-20, and Hannah will act in his absence.

Donny: He is planning to move out in a few months to move in with someone he is excited to be with. (Much joking about his becoming the new community rep to the Board.) He wants to know about parties and Labor Holidays, but does not want to be on the e-mail list!!!

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