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January 1, 2017

Present: Paul (facilitating), Hannah, Donny, Marilyn (minutes), Joshua, William, guests David and Chris

Meet and Greet

David Orr, visited 1.5 years ago, interested in living here. looking to share a unit; no pets or pet allergies.

Chris Paul Baker, 2nd meeting, may need to avoid cats, would take a room or a unit, can do technical labor and “learn what I need to learn.” Knows Joshua and Chris Baker, no evidence of violence or inability to pay rent. No blocks to acceptance as a prospective member.

Review of Minutes

No recent meetings to review.

Wiki Updates

Updates Pending

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Increase annual vacation hours from six to eight. Cap vacation hours at 16, separate from the surplus labor cap. This policy shall go into effect today, adding two hours to the six every member received at midnight.

Richard: This addresses two thing: someone asked why we only have 1.5 weeks vacation when the standard for business is two weeks. Someone else asked if these vacation hours roll over or disappear, and Richard thinks someone should be explicit about that, so he suggests cap of 16 hours. Clarifying Questions/Points of Information: How much notice do we have to give? Answer: Policy requires a week's notice, with Labor Czars discretion. Concerns/Friendly Amendments: Paul calculates this will affect our labor hours by less than 1% over all (everyone owes 4 hours every week). Question: should it be each individual's responsibility to keep track of when their hours will expire? Richard: In general, yes; there should be a convenient way of tracking this and he hopes someone will take that up. Proposal accepted by consensus.

New business

Paul: It is January 1, and our elections have not yet occurred, so the simple thing is to keep everyone in place for now. Richard plans to keep everyone in their current labor positions until there is a new Labor Czar. The Steward may be no-showed for lateness in organizing elections, one hour for each week of delay.

Richard: An Associate is running for 8 hours of officerships, although as Associate he only has a one hour labor requirement per week.

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